Wednesday 8 February 2023
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EducationHistoryPak SC flays govt for failing to protect Katas Raj temple pond

Pak SC flays govt for failing to protect Katas Raj temple pond

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Supreme Court today flayed the government for failing to protect the sacred pond in the historic Katas Raj complex revered by Hindus and ordered setting up of a high-level committee to probe the matter.

The sacred pond is receding as the underground aquifer feeding it is under stress due to industrial activity in the area.

The issue was taken up by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on the basis of media reports that the Katas Raj pond in Chakwal district of Punjab was drying up because cement factories nearby were drawing a large amount of water through a number of borewells, severely reducing the sub-soil water level.

“This is not just a place of cultural significance for the Hindu community, but also a part of our national heritage,” Justice Nisar observed and ordered that problem must be solved.

Punjab’s Additional Advocate General informed the court that a cement factory was using more water than the entire population of the city of Chakwal.

The court ordered the advocate general Punjab to set up a high-level committee to probe the matter and decided to issue a notice to the cement factory.

Besides the cement factories, the area is known for a number of coal mines. Since this involves massive digging of earth for coal extraction, the site becomes exposed to torrents of underground water.

“If we need to close down 10 tube-wells or halt the water consumption of the factories, we will do it,” Nisar said.

He also expressed displeasure at Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf for arriving late for the crucial hearing.

The case was adjourned till next Thursday. The name Katas (Raj temple) is derived from Kataksha, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘tearful eyes’.

According to legend, the pond was formed after lord Shiva wept upon the death of his wife Satti.

BJP leader L K Advani during his trip to Pakistan in 2005 also visited Katas Raj and inaugurated work being carried out by government of Pakistan.

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