Sunday 23 January 2022
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Padma award selection process transformed, says PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the selection process for picking Padma award winners has been transformed under his government, asserting that more significance has now been given to the nominee’s work than a name.

In his monthly and this year’s first ‘‘ address, Modi highlighted works of some winners whose names were announced on the eve of Republic Day and said common people, who are not living in big cities and not seen in newspapers and TV, have received it.

In the last three years, he said, the selection process has been made online, which has led to and anybody can now nominate people for the honours.

He called upon society to hear the stories of these winners so that they could enrich and inspire others.

Modi also spoke at length about the issue of women empowerment and said women are now moving ahead in all fields.

The performance of an all-woman team during the Republic Day parade surprised guests, he said.

He also praised the “human chain” formed in Bihar against social evils against and child marriage and said flexibility and continuous efforts for self-correction are a hallmark of society.

With Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary falling on 30 January, he said no tribute to him can be bigger than following the path shown by him.


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