Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Paatal Lok: Antidote To Anti-Hindu Propaganda

A Family Man that upholds the Pakistani PoV on Kashmir or the ilk of Leila and Paatal Lok that defames Hinduism cannot be made if nationalist subscribers react wisely


In the web series Paatal Lok on Amazon Prime, in what is clearly an allusion to the Narendra Modi government, the regime is shown as dictatorial. Then, there is an indirect reference to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in saffron robes that is a character with disturbing negative shades. In another apparent reference to real-life, while it was proved in the court that the murder of Junaid was the result of a quarrel for a berth in a coach of the train he was travelling in with friends, Paatal Lok introduces the angle of beef in the sub-plot and passes the incident off as one of lynching. Further, a character named Shukla is shown raising janeu (sacred thread worn by Brahmins) over the ear while raping a woman. The priest and mahant of a temple are shown eating meat in the temple. A bitch (female dog) is named Savitri.

The list of wrongful depiction refuses to end in Paatal Lok. A Muslim woman offers water to a Hindu woman to drink; the Hindu woman refuses to accept water from the hands of a Muslim! A character playing a Hindu god is shown falling in a humiliating way. All the dreaded criminals in the web series have Brahmin surnames: Shukla, Trivedi, Dwivedi, Tyagi etc whereas a Muslim character Imran is gifted, a police sub-inspector preparing for the UPSC exam to turn into an IAS officer. If that’s not bad, Hindus heckle and harass him. The wicked scriptwriter weaves a plot where goons are hired from Chitrakoot. The hooligans mostly wear saffron attire and chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’.

Reminiscent of Netflix‘s Leila, Paatal Lok shows a country called Aryavarta where Muslims are denied access to drinking water. Sadhus are shown mouthing unprintable expletives as a matter of speech habit in Paatal Lok.

The web series is a conspiracy to defame nationalism and openly abuse India. The producer of the film is Anushka Sharma, and director and screenwriter Sudeep Sharma. However, the content of the web series suggests the real financier may be some entity in Saudi Arabia, the source of fund for worldwide Islamist propaganda and jihadi terrorism.

As for the solution to repeated insults heaped on Hinduism and questions raised on the unity and integrity of India in one web series after another on Amazon Prime and Netflix, the government must devise a mechanism that ought to be foolproof unlike the ban on pornography, which was bound to fail. The web is a medium that is near impossible to regulate, let alone censor. Neither of the platforms has its headquarters in India, and even their branch offices here are not absolutely necessary for their operations in India. However, since the actors are all Indian, the government can mount pressure on the indigenous film fraternity to behave.

Since Sirf News does not advocate a muzzling of free speech, I’d suggest filmmakers on the right side come up with a counter-narrative. A call for boycotting a film or web series only enhances the curiosity of the potential viewer. Therefore, companies that use Bollywood actors as endorsers of brands must be addressed. The corporate sector, along with the advertising industry, is so sensitive that a whiff of controversy makes them jittery about a brand ambassador. Tell all companies from Hindustan Unilever to Procter & Gamble, you’ll dump their products and rate their apps 1 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Note that the stars badly need the income from advertisements to secure their future as their value on the silver screen is fickle, wavering, fluctuating and, overall, unreliable.

Don’t restrict yourself to actors. You may target an entire production house. Note down the brands that appear on the screen during the initial credit roll. They are all monetary lifelines of the producer. Tell those companies you will dump them too. No web series like A Family Man that depicts Kashmir from the Pakistani point of view or the ilk of Leila and Paatal Lok that defames Hinduism will be made thereafter.

The writer is a cinematographer who wishes to stay anonymous

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  1. Hinduphobic “Paatal Lok”

    A group of Kar Sevaks beat up a mulzim man travelling in a train, accusing him of eating beef (he claims it’s chicken). His son gets killed in the scuffle.
    The younger brother is then raised by his grandfather “not as a mulzim”. He even gets a certificate saying that his circumcision was for medical purposes.
    The younger brother, poor guy, grows up to become a car thief, and is falsely implicated in a plot to kill a noted journalist. CBI fabricates evidence to claim he’s a pakistani terrorist. Grandpa tells police officer “I didn’t even allow him to become a mulzim, you made him into a jehadi?”.
    The police officer, who’s the lead character, has a mulzim junior. The junior, who’s a very honest, efficient police officer, is often taunted for being from the minority community. When he’s giving IAS exam interview, another interviewee tells him “anyway you guys have the benefit of minority quota.”
    The junior police officer mentioned in 4 above, finds out that the mulzim car thief is not a pakistani terrorist. How? Because the car thief doesn’t know Urdu, whereas the fabricated terrorist literature seized from him is in Urdu. Now how does the polic officer know that the mulzim car thief doesn’t know urdu?
    Some criminals in Chitrakoot appear in the Bhagwa garbs of Sadhus, wear maala, rudraksha etc. and use the foulest possible language.
    A brahmin leader is contesting elections, and while campaigning, eats food at the houses of Dalits. And later, washes himself with Gangajal after having eaten at Dalit houses. When a journalist clicks photos of the Gangajal can, the brahmin politician has the paper’s office ransacked by his goons.
    A low-caste village boy from Punjab is being constantly harassed by higher caste people from the same village. As a result he turns violent and slashes some of these people with a blade. Then the father of the person who gets slashed, rapes the mother of the boy who slashed, as punishment. Later, the boy becomes a regular wanted criminal.

    Same old agenda – show Hindus and particularly Brahmins in extremely poor light. Show mulsims are patriots yet oppressed. Show Dalits as repressed.

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A profile to publish the works of established writers, authors, columnists or people in positions of authority who would like to stay anonymous while expressing their views on Sirf News


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