Thursday 26 May 2022
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Osmania University denies permission for Rahul Gandhi’s visit

While NSUI activists protested, Osmania University said the cancellation was in accordance with its executive council's resolution not to allow political activities on the campus

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Osmania University in Hyderabad has stoked controversy by cancelling INC’s former president Rahul Gandhi’s proposed visit to the campus. Gandhi was expected to visit the university on 7 May to interact with the students.

Last night, Osmania University denied permission for the event, offending the party. And then several student INC activists staged protests in and around the university campus today.

Outraged by the cancellation, Telangana Congress president Revanth Reddy alleged that chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao “pressured” the university authorities to deny permission to Rahul Gandhi’s meeting.

Osmania University, however, said the visit was cancelled due to various reasons, including the fact that the university’s executive council had passed a resolution last year not to allow any political activity on the campus.

A university official added that of some employees unions had been scheduled, examinations for certain courses were underway and a section of are also preparing for recruitment tests recently announced by the state government.

NSUI activists arrested

Following the university’s refusal of permission to Rahul, the party’s students’ wing [National Union of India (NSUI)] held noisy protests. A group of activists allegedly threw stones at the main door of the varsity’s administrative building, which led to the arrest of 18 protesters.

Reddy said Rahul was planning to meet the arrested NSUI leaders on 7 May to speak to them on issues faced by students.

The Telangana Pradesh Congress president said a letter has been submitted to the jail superintendent seeking permission for Rahul Gandhi to meet the arrested NSUI leaders.

Today, more NSUI activists staged protests at the university campus over the denial of permission to Rahul as well as the arrest of their fellow leaders.

The police detained protesting NSUI members who raised slogans against the TRS government and the university authorities.

Meanwhile, the INC shared on social media platforms a letter written by Osmania University Registrar to Koturi Manavatha Roy, one of the applicants for Gandhi’s meeting. The letter said it was not feasible for the university to accord permission for the meeting.

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