Friday 30 July 2021
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Organiser: Modi-Shah can’t always help; prepare local leaders

Chief editor of Organiser Prafulla Ketkar through his article urged the BJP to appreciate the changing character of Delhi and act accordingly

Following the defeat of the BJP in the Delhi assembly election, the RSS is trying to impress upon its political front what went wrong and how they could overcome it. The Sangh’s mouthpiece in the language has written that Prime Minister and Home Minister cannot always help the BJP. The party will have to restructure the organisation again so that local leaders can be prepared for assembly elections.

Organiser said further that a bad candidate could not claim to be good simply because the party he belonged to was good. The truth is that what is bad will remain bad, the RSS mouthpiece said, quoting Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya.

Organiser, in an article by its chief editor Prafulla Ketkar titled “Delhi Divergent Mandate”, said the answer lay in the changing character of Delhi. For BJP, the issue of Shaheen Bagh failed because Arvind Kejriwal put an end to it. “Earlier, the Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad had said that Kejriwal would have to change his trend due to Hindutva politics.”

“The Shaheen Bagh narrative was effectively used by AAP without directly getting involved in it. This Genie of fundamentalism experimented under the pretext of CAA may create a new testing ground for Kejriwal,” the Organiser said.

“How does Kejriwal respond to this danger? How far his chanting of Hanuman Chalisa was genuine? And whether he would address the issue of corruption that have (sic) brought APP to this level? These and many other questions Delhites would ask,” the Organiser article read.

“Now how will Kejriwal face this danger? How will they keep a distance from Hanuman Chalisa? How will Kejriwal take the issue of corruption to the next stage? Delhi will ask many such questions,” the article read.

The editor of Organiser believes the BJP has had a solid support base in Delhi since the time of Jana Sangh. When people from outside in Delhi increased (especially in the slums), the INC made them their own by offering concessions, he wrote. After AAP’s anti-corruption movement, both the middle class and slum dwellers went to AAP, he said.

The article has given a clear message that the Delhi unit of the BJP has failed completely. Ketkar said that the BJP would have to make changes at the ground level in view of the manner in which the AAP wiped out the opposition by winning 62 seats.

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