Thursday 21 October 2021
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Opposition to CAA anti-Dalit: Amit Shah

The home minister and BJP president asked the protesters also to explain how the minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh reduced from 30% to 3%


Addressing a rally in Hubli or Karnataka, Union Home Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah called the opposition parties “anti-Dalit” for ratcheting up mob frenzy against the amended citizenship law (CAA). The BJP is campaigning nationwide to mobilise support for the CAA. Under this campaign on Saturday, Shah said that the Modi government had enacted a law to give Indian citizenship to religiously oppressed refugees, but the opposition stood against it.

Elaborating on his theory, the BJP president said that 70% of the refugees coming to India were Dalits and, thus, the protesters opposing the CAA were opposing Dalits.

In doing so, the home minister went along the logic Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared with the people in the first public address of the latter after the amendment of the law of 1955 vintage.

Shah said that incidents of atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan could not be denied. The population of Hindus in Pakistan, he said, had come down from 30% to 3%. “I want to tell the people of Hubli those people were killed or they were converted. Temples, churches and gurdwaras were demolished in Pakistan,” the union home minister said.

Shah said that 70% of the refugees coming to India were Dalits. “Opposition to CAA is anti-Dalit. In Pakistan (eastern and western), 30% were Hindus. Today, their number has come down to 3% in Pakistan and 3% in Bangladesh. I want to ask the protesters where the minorities in Pakistan disappeared. Does someone have an answer?”

The BJP president said that BJP did not do “vote-bank politics”. “Nehru promised these refugees citizenship, Sardar Patel promised them citizenship. But that promise was not kept,” Shah said.

The BJP president mentioned the repealing of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir too as he targeted the INC-led opposition. He said, “The Narendra Modi government corrected the mistake that Rahul baba‘s maternal grandfather (Jawaharlal Nehru) had done by scrapping Article 370.”

Shah said, “ says (Article) 370 should not have been removed; Imran Khan says the same. Both say that CAA should not have been made. I do not understand what is the between Congress and Pakistan.”

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