Saturday 28 January 2023
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EconomyOnline payment facility for exporters & importers launched

Online payment facility for exporters & importers launched

New Delhi — In keeping with the Digital India vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and taking yet another small but crucial step towards paperless, online functioning in 24×7 environment, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) today launched the facility of online payment of application fees through credit and debit cards and electronic fund transfer from 53 banks.

As a measure of trade facilitation and Ease of Doing Business, the DGFT has already made the facility of online filing of various applications by the exporters/importers under the Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20) operational.

Early this year, DGFT also put into operation the facility of online submission of applications for issue of online Importer Exporter Code in digital format or e-IEC for entrepreneurs/exporters/importers. Now with the online facility being available from 53 banks as well as credit and debit cards, it would be possible to not only apply online for benefits under various schemes under the foreign trade policy, but also make payment of the required application fee online, thus totally obviating the need to visit the offices of DGFT or banks for submission of applications.

With the launch of this new facility applicants can now pay fees online to DGFT through their credit or debit cards or through net banking in a 24×7 environment, from the comfort of their homes/offices or IT kiosks. This facility would also make the field offices of DGFT paperless to a large extent and enable them to function in 24×7 environment, while saving extra expenditure on storage space. It would also ensure transfer of the fee amount into government account on T+1 working day, avoiding undue delay in deposit of bank drafts etc.

The facility of online was launched by Commerce Secretary Rita A Teaotia.

The DGFT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Central Bank of India, that will provide gateway services to the online portal of DGFT to enable applicants/ exporters/ importers to pay their application fees through credit or debit cards or through net banking. The Central Bank of India will thus:

  1. Provide facility for collection of fee through online portal of DGFT from banks through internet banking, debit cards and credit cards;
  2. Provide e-challans, banks scrolls, transaction IDs for all successful transactions
  3. Refund amount to the applicant within 3 days, in case of failed transactions;
  4. Provide all relevant details for seamless integration with the PAO and subsequent reconciliation with banks and RBI; and
  5. Transfer the funds as per remittance norms of T+1 working day.

The charges applicable for using internet banking, debit /credit cards will be as follows:

Transaction Processing Charges Visa / Master Card Credit card transaction:1.45% of amount per transaction.


Visa / Master Card/Rupay Debit Card transactions:

   For transaction amount upto Rs.2000/- -: 0.75% of amount per transaction.

   For transaction amount above Rs.2000/- -: 1.00% of amount per transaction.


Net Banking Transactions:

For transaction amount upto Rs.10,000/- -: Nil

For transaction amount above Rs.10,000/- -:Rs. 14/- per transaction / across all banks


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