Monday 27 September 2021
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Olympic winner locates woman who helped him when reached wrong venue

After seeking help from Olympics officials and learning that Parchment only option was to head back to the Olympic Village and take another bus to the correct venue

While Jamaican hurdler Hansle Parchment won in a major upset of the reigning world champion team US’s Grant Holloway in the men’s 110-meter hurdles final at the Tokyo Olympics, for a moment, it appeared as though he might not even make it to the race in time.

The 31-year-old speedster found himself at an aquatic centre rather than a track shortly before his event was set to begin. He had accidentally taken the wrong bus on the day of the final.

After seeking help from Olympics officials and learning that his only option was to head back to the Olympic Village and take another bus to the correct venue, according to the Jamaican publication The Gleaner, Parchment looked poised to arrive at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium without time to warm up for the biggest race of his life.

That’s when a stranger stepped up to become Parchment’s hero.

Despite the strict regulations preventing her from doing much to help, the 25-year-old Olympics volunteer Tijana Stojkovic gave Parchment money to take a taxi directly to the stadium, the 6-foot-5 star said. Thanks to her assistance, Parchment arrived at the correct venue with adequate time to prepare for the event.

And after he won gold, he retraced his steps to find Stojkovic and thanked her for her help. Two days after the race, Parchment posted a video to Twitter which was later reshared by Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness that shows him finding her at a bus stop, expressing his gratitude to her, and saying she was “instrumental in getting me to the final that day” before handing her his medal.

“That’s just because you helped me,” Parchment said. He then gifted the kind a yellow Team Jamaica shirt and paid her back for the fare. The pair then posed for a photo together.

After the clip and Parchment’s story gained traction on social media, the Jamaican government invited Stojkovic to their in another display of appreciation for her kindness. It remains unclear whether she has accepted their offer. Still, Stojkovic has already posted about her surreal interaction with Parchment through her social-media accounts even wearing the T-shirt he gave her:

It appears as though Parchment has already gotten back to work on the track, but we’ll have to wait and see whether the gold medalist reunites with Stojkovic in his home country.

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