Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Oli says yoga originated in Nepal, not India

Earlier, Oli had courted controversy when he said in July 2020 that Rama was born in the Madi area or Ayodhyapuri in Nepal's District Chitwan

In his address on International Day on 21 June, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli claimed that yoga originated in Nepal and not in India. He stated that was practised in his long before the existence of India as a nation.

“Much before the existence of India as a nation, was practiced in Nepal. When yoga was discovered, India had not been constituted. There was no country like India then; there were just several fringe states. So, yoga originated in Nepal or around Uttarakhand. Yoga did not originate in India,” Oli said.

Oli went on to say that Nepal had, however, not given due credit to the sages who discovered yoga. He said that his nation had not been able to take across the globe but India had made the practice famous internationally.

Oli stated, “We never gave credit to our sages who discovered yoga. We have always talked about professors and their contributions. But we could not put our claim on rightly. We could not take it across the globe. Indian Prime Minister made famous by proposing to celebrate International Yoga Day on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Then it got international recognition.”

Oli said, “India that exists today wasn’t there in the past. Divided into factions, India at that time was like a continent or subcontinent. Therefore, originated in Nepal but we were unable to make it popular as we never gave credit to our saints who created it. We always spoke about the contributions of our professors.”

Earlier, Oli had courted controversy when he said in July 2020 that was born in the Madi area or Ayodhyapuri in Nepal‘s District Chitwan and not in the Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh, India. “Ayodhyapuri was in Nepal. Balmiki Ashram was also in Nepal near Ayodhyapuri. Deity Sita died in Devghat in Nepal, close to Ayodhyapuri and Balmiki Ashram,” he had claimed.

Beginning 2015, 21 June has been observed annually as the International Day of Yoga, following the concept’s inception in 2014 at the United Nations General Assembly.

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