Monday 25 October 2021
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Oli safe until Monday; communist party meeting deferred

Most members of the Communist Party of Nepal, against the continuation of KP Sharma Oli as PM, may break away if he does not resign


The political struggle in Nepal has intensified. Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who political observers believe has reduced his stature to that of a pawn of the Communist Party of China, is confined in his house. The internal feud in the Nepal Communist Party has intensified so much that Oli’s position is in danger. His resignation is only a matter of time, sources say.

A of the Nepal Communist Party that was supposed to be held today has been called off. The meeting will be held on Monday where the comrades will decide Oli’s fate.

Party’s executive president Pushp Kamal Dahal aka ‘Prachanda’ and other party leaders including Madhav Kumar Nepal will attend the meet. According to sources, Prachanda, along with a majority of the comrades, wants to break away from the party. Prachanda met President Vidya Devi Bhandari yesterday. Most members of the Nepal Communist Party are against the continuation of Oli as prime minister.

“Today’s will be a historic one for the Nepal Communist Party. We are holding the meeting here at Prime Minister’s residence but he is not present I had made multiple requests with him on the issue but he has been turning out from it,” Dahal told the committee before the meeting was postponed

The Nepal Communist Party of Nepal was formed in 2018 from the unification of two leftist parties, Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre). However, since its formation, there has been an internal rift in the party and now an ordinance has been passed which would help split the party; however, Dahal says wants the party to be united.

“I had also asked him not to prorogue the ongoing but they rejected and went ahead with it. It is learned that they are bringing on an Ordinance which helps to split the party, I have made it clear that I am against it,” he said. “It would a historic if we succeeded in protecting the party unity,” he added.

Amid the ongoing political crisis in Nepal, China is busy securing the position of their acolyte. China’s Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi met the president on 3 July. According to sources, China is interfering in the ongoing political crisis in Nepal. China and Pakistan together instigated Nepal against India. Hou has a big role in provoking Nepal. Hou is in constant contact with the prime minister of Nepal. Yanqi is also in contact with many big leaders of Nepal.

Hou has worked in the Asia Wing of China’s Foreign Ministry, has been deputy director in the Asia wing of the Ministry of External Affairs. She has served also in the Embassy in Pakistan. She framed much of China’s campaign against India. She is currently China’s ambassador to Nepal.

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