Monday 25 October 2021
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Oli faces revolt in Communist Party of Nepal, blames India

Prachanda, revolting against Oli in the Communist Party of Nepal, has alleged that the prime minister is resorting to Pakistan-style politics


Dark clouds loom on the chair of Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. The prime minister is now taking recourse to nationalism to divert attention from the ruckus in the ruling Communist Party and the continuing unrest in the country against the government.

Oli accused India indirectly today, blaming Nepal’s southern neighbour for the infighting in his party. He said that “an embassy” was plotting against his government, engineering the unrest from inside a hotel.

On the occasion of the 69th birth anniversary of Madan Bhandari, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that even if the game of removing him from the post starts, it is impossible. In a veiled reference towards India, Prime Minister Oli claimed that meetings were being held to remove him at a hotel in Kathmandu and an embassy was active in it.

Oli claimed there were conspiracies against him since the time of the constitutional amendment that included land that India claims in Nepal’s new map. “There is an open race to remove me from the post,” he said.

Oli asserted that Nepal’s nationalistic fervour was not weak. “No one thought that a prime minister would be removed from office for printing the map,” he exclaimed.

Prime Minister Oli’s party has now reached the brink of collapse. Pushp Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, the executive chairman of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal, has now demanded his resignation, following nationwide protests against the prime minister. Prachanda has warned if Oli does not resign, he will break out of the party with his larger faction.

Oli seeking army help -style: Prachanda

Prachanda said that Oli could go to any extent to save his prime ministry. He alleged that Oli was trying to get some help from the Nepalese Army to save the prime minister’s chair. He said, “We have heard that PM Oli is trying to adopt Pakistani, Afghani or Bangladeshi model to remain in power, but such efforts will not succeed in Nepal.”

Prachanda warned Oli, “No one can send us in the name of corruption. It is not easy to rule the country with the help of the army.” Targeting the prime minister, the firebrand Nepali communist said it was not possible to run a government by suppressing the opposition or by dividing the party.

In the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party, most members demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Oli who has refused to put in his papers.

Oli and Prachanda are locked in fierce infighting to establish their respective writs in the communist party. This came across even during the party meeting. While Prachanda spoke of the failure of the government, Oli said Prachanda had ruined the party.

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