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Oldest Youtube sensation on desi cooking style passes away at 107.


Krishna, Dec 5, 2018: India’s famous Youtuber, Mastanamma, popular for her local and desi recipes from passed away on Tuesday following ill health. She had shot to fame when mediapersons from Hyderabad, K Laxman and Srinath Reddy had started their channel featuring her cooking video, after getting inspired by her independent and active lifestyle against all odds. In a very short time the video had receieved 75K views.

Very soon her recipes, involving easily and locally available ingredients for the preparation of delicious dishes like watermelon chicken curry, kebabs, biryani and her village-styled KFC chicken became popular videos on Youtube, getting her fame and admiration for showing remarkable enthusiasm and spirit at such an crossing a century. Her toothless smile and simple, straight attitude gained her many admirers and fans who sent her money with which she celebrated her 106th birthday last year.

Married at 11, having five chidren out of whom only one survives to the day and losing her husband when she was just 22, Mastanamma lived on the banks of a river in Guntur all her life. Figuring out recipes by herself, she had developed a unique style of preparing the dishes.

Heartbroken fans on social shared condolence messages for her after becoming restless when no new videos appeared for a while, enquiring about the 107-year-old’ health. The channel finally shared the video on Monday on the last journey of Mastanamma and broke the sad news to her fans.

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कांग्रेस के अजीज कुरैशी कहते हैं AMU मे जिन्ना की बड़ी फोटो लगे।अखिलेश यादव Jinnah को नेहरू, गांधी के बराबर का स्वतंत्रता सेनानी मानते हैं।
क्या यह साफ-साफ तुष्टीकरण की राजनीति नहीं है?
@Shehzad_Ind https://twitter.com/indiatvnews/status/1464561419702071296

India TV@indiatvnews

यूपी की लड़ाई धर्म पर कैसे आई ?

यूपी में दंगाई 'जिन्ना' के अनुयायी ?

'जिन्ना' चलेगा या गन्ना ?

#Muqabla LIVE with @Surbhi_R_Sharma

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PM @narendramodi congratulates IIGF’s efforts towards defining roadmap on internet governance

Future of Internet must be shaped by open societies sharing same set of democratic values and citizen right : @Rajeev_GoI


Centre's bid to curb crypto … Bill to regulate on the table.

Why does crypto need curbs? Should India just ban crypto? Find out from the best experts.

@Subhashgarg1960 & @DrArunaSharma6 join Rahul Shivshankar on CONVERSE INDIA @ 8:30pm.


@Shehzad_Ind ने कहा अखिलेश, राजभर और ओवैसी ये बिरयानी भाई जान का एजेंडा एक ही है हिन्दूत्व के नाम पर डराओ, भडकाओ और वोट कमाओ


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