Sunday 23 January 2022
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OBC organisations planned gherao of MP CM; Bhim Army head detained

In view of the warning by the OBC Mahasabha that it would block CM house, Bhopal Police had to take Bhim Army's Chandrashekhar Azad into custody while fortifying the area

Introducing toxic Dalit politics to central India, the OBC Mahasabha demanding a higher percentage of education and employment reservations, while protesting against Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, warned of a blockade around the CM house today. The took Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan into custody from the airport on Sunday morning.

The took many leaders of the OBC Mahasabha in custody or under house arrest. Bhim Army activists tweeted that the were already waiting for their chief at the airport and he was taken into custody moments after he landed in the city.

The are checking the trains and buses coming to Bhopal.

The warning of a siege at the CM house led Bhopal to make tight security arrangements in the Madhya Pradesh capital. The police stand guard everywhere and all the roads leading to the CM house have been closed.

OBC organisations, Jayas, Bhim Army workers and office bearers have been arrested from Parwalia, Hoshangabad Road, Lalghati, Gandhinagar, Vidisha Road, Raisen Road and Karond Chauraha.

The self-styled umbrella association has demanded 27% OBC reservation. As Madhya Pradesh witnesses politics over the issue of arrests too, the assortment of so-called backward castes hold a key to the next assembly election, as this term came to the BJP mid way through what was supposed to be Kamal Nath’s tenure. The former chief minister attacked the Chouhan government today with tweets.

Enjoying the trouble in the enemy camp, Kamal Nath said that the protest was already announced in Bhopal today by the OBC Mahasabha, demanding to reservation in panchayat elections. “But I don’t know why the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government is antagonising OBCs. “Why is the state government suppressing them?” he asked.

Kamal Nath said, “The BJP and its affiliated organisations had the freedom to organise events, but there seems to be a ban in place on OBCs doing the same.” Earlier, the office-bearers of OBC Mahasabha and member-activists of theae castes were stopped from reaching Bhopal by blockade and now they are being detained, suppressed; they are being handled violently. And “all this is happening under a government that claims to be the benefactor of this class”.

The INC leader said, “No matter how much you suppress the OBC, Dalit, classea, they will continue to fight for the demand of theor rights. It’s not scary. Congress stands with these sections and we are always determined for their interest, uplift and welfare.”

Previously, the OBC Mahasabha had announced it would organise a one-day rights and mass movement on 2 January to demand 51% reservations for OBCs in consultation with the Bhim Army, Jayas and Azad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram).

The OBC Mahasabha has released an information sheet, detailing its plan for a movement, in which 2 January was an important date.

The group wants 27% of OBC reservation of 27% to be tabled in the or the 9th Schedule, 51 to the Backward Classes in the panchayat election.

The other demands of the group are

  • 16% reservation for Scheduled Castes in proportion of the population, a rise from the current 8% quota
  • 20% reservation for Scheduled Tribes as per the population against the present 14% quota
  • Bhim Army, Jai Sangathan, Azad Samaj Party were about to join the movement.
Surajit Dasgupta
Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sirf News Surajit Dasgupta has been a science correspondent in The Statesman, senior editor in The Pioneer, special correspondent in Money Life, the first national affairs editor of Swarajya, executive editor of Hindusthan Samachar and desk head of MyNation

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