Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Nusrat Jahan pregnant? Nikhil Jain disowns ‘child’

Along with Nusrat Jahan's pregnancy rumours, another major speculation is about her impending divorce from husband Nikhil Jain

Popular Bengali actress turned Trinamool Congress (AITC) MP Nusrat Jahan is back in news and this time the buzz is strong that she is expecting her first child. However, the actress-politician has not confirmed the reports yet.

Along with the rumours of of Nusrat Jahan, those given to gossips are speculating about her impending divorce from husband Nikhil Jain. The man and wife are reportedly not living under one roof for the past six months, adding more fuel to the fire.

Recently, commenting on their divorce, Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen wrote a post on Facebook.

Taking note of such speculation, Nasreen wondered whether it was true that Nusrat “is in love with an actor named Yash”, then “isn’t it good for Nikhil and Nusrat to get divorced?”

“There is no meaning in making an unstable relationship hang like a bat (upside down). Both parties are uncomfortable with this situation,” said the Lajja author.

She said further how delighted she was when Nusrat and Nikhil got married, as they belonged to different religions.

“But who knew that such an eye-candy couple would not stay happy together for long,” said Nasreen.

Nasreen further opined that a woman can raise her child with her own identity. “They do not have to look up to men all the time,” wrote Nasreen.

“What’s the difference between Nikhil and Yash? Men are men after all. Life does not necessarily turn rosy if you leave a man and marry another. Does one need to marry a third time if even the second marriage does not work? Then, such a chase will never end as the desired man will never be found. The desired man of an independent woman lives in her imagination, not in reality,” she further mentioned.

She admitted that she had felt happy when Nusrat and Nikhil had repeatedly married, without falling prey to the differences in the religions, she said that Nusrat seemed to be an independent and self-reliant woman. Taslima said that independent women were usually confident and had self-respect and they did not need to depend on a man to bring up a child.

Taslima Nasreen had to leave Bangladesh in 1994 owing to death threats by fundamentalist outfits for her alleged anti-Islamic views. Since then, the author has been living in exile.

Meanwhile, in a shocking development, a Bengali television news channel said that AITC MP Nusrat Jahan’s husband Nikhil Jain was not aware of his wife’s pregnancy. Nikhil has maintained that the child is not his because they haven’t even seen each other for months.

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