Sunday 1 November 2020

Nusrat Jahan poses as Goddess Durga; Deoband cleric slams TMC MP, says it’s against tenets of Islam

The Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan has been receiving death threats on social media after she posted a picture of her posing as 'Mahisasurmardini’

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Trinamool Congress MP and Bengali film actress Nusrat Jahan was slammed by Deoband Islamic scholar for posting a video posing as ‘’Mahisasurmardini’’, an incarnation of Goddess Durga. While criticising Nusrat for wishing her fans ‘Shubho Mahalaya’, Maulana Ishaq Gora, said it was wrong for the TMC MP to pose as Goddess Durga as it was ‘forbidden in Islam’.

Hitting out at the actress, the Deoband cleric said, “Nusrat Jahan likes to do such things. She is always in controversy. These things are forbidden in Islam, but she is doing it. People are often offended by her work. I think it is totally wrong. She must apologise.”

Maulana Ishaq asked Nusrat Jahan to apologsie as her act was against the tenets of Islam.

The Trinamool MP has been receiving death threats on social media after she posted a picture of her posing as ‘Mahisasurmardini’. She was heavily trolled by the netizens for posing as Goddess Durga and uploading the pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

On the occasion of Mahalaya on 18 September, which heralds the beginning of Durga Puja in West Bengal, Jahan had posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts a picture of herself as ‘Mahisasurmardini’ (an incarnation of Goddess Durga) in which she is seen holding a trident.

In a letter to the Indian High Commissioner in the UK, Jahan informed that she would be staying in London for the film shoot till 16 October and required immediate police protection as the “threat is very serious and it is affecting my mental health”.

“I would like to inform you that I reached London two days back on my professional purpose and after reaching here I have received a death threat via my social media pages from some fundamentalists who belong to India and neighbouring country,” Jahan said.

“During my stay in London I require an immediate police protection as the threat is very serious and it is affecting my mental health. I would request you to kindly arrange to provide me a necessary protection in London,” she said.

Some people objected to her posing as a Hindu goddess despite being a Muslim woman. A comment in the post read, “You won’t be able to save yourself, your god of earth won’t be able to save you…After your death you will realise your folly. There won’t be any excuses for you.”

Jahan attached screen shots of two trolls in her mail to the Indian High Commissioner. “Your time of death has come. You are fearful of Allah but cannot cover your body. Shame on you,” one post read.

Jahan was recently in the news after she alerted Kolkata Police of a dating app using her pictures without her consent to promote the application. The cyber cell of Kolkata Police has initiated a probe.

However, this is not the first time TMC MP Jahan has been threatened. Earlier, she was trolled by some Muslim fundamentalists for sporting sindoor and inaugurating a rath yatra. She had retorted by saying her faith in the “religion of humanity and secularism” does not prevent her from participating in festivals of other religions while believing in Islam.

A member of Jahan’s team said, “She has always stood up for secular and inclusive views and these trolls do not deter her.”

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