Sunday 19 September 2021
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Nursing student blackmailed, threatened to accept Islam

Shamnas, the suspect, sexually abused the girl and shared her pictures in the nude on social media when she refused to turn Muslim

Police in Alappuzha, Kerala, have arrested Shamnas, a native of Kannur, in a case of “grooming jihad”. According to the complaint, the girl who refused to convert to Islam was sexually abused and her nude pictures were shared on social media.

Shamnas ‘groomed’ the young woman through social media. The nursing student from Kavalam was deceived and fell into the trap. The suspected pretending to be in love sexually exploited her. 

From Thalassery in Kannur, he went to the girl’s house in Kavalam of Alappuzha, several times. It is an eight-hour journey covering 350 km. Shamnas promised marriage and started raping her. Unknown to nursing student, Shamnas was recording their intimate moments.

He then started constantly forcing the girl to convert to Islam. When she disagreed, Shamnas threatened to circulate nude pictures of the girl on social media. The girl’s father told police that he had threatened to kill their if they refused to change their religion. 

Shamnas posted pictures of the nursing student on social media after which the approached the police. He was arrested following a complaint by the girl. Police said that other than Shamnas, another woman and some friends are also likely involved in the grooming jihad. 

There are reports of strong political pressure on the police to dismiss the complaint. The charges against the suspects include rape.

Grooming jihad is a trend and subset of jihad where a closet Muslim dupes a gullible target for her conversion to Islam. News websites of pro-Hindu and pro- groups and individuals regularly report such cases.

A large section of the mainstream media claims that grooming jihad and jihad are ‘hoaxes’ as there is no proof of a large network involved in this activity but they overlook PFI-linked Sathya Sarani is one such indoctrination center for new converts.

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