Tuesday 17 May 2022
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Nuclear reactor in Rajasthan records 765 days of safe operation

Rawatbhata RAPS-5, unit-5 of Rawatbhata Site (RR Site), today recorded safe reactor operation of 765 days. Thus it has registered a trailblazing performance that has earned second position globally for the unit.This prestigious moment was observed in the august presence of Department of Atomic Secretary and Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Dr RK Sinha and Chief Managing Director of NPCIL KC Purohit at a function held in Rawatbhata (Chittourgarh) Rajasthan.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Sinha said this prestigious achievement has held the head of Indians very high in the world and particularly among the countries who are champions in the field of atomic production. He said it is the golden jubilee year for the and in this very year we have accomplished such feat. It has surpassed the earlier second best continuous operation record of 739 days. During the period of continuous run, since 2 August 2012 up to today the unit has operated at full power. In all, Indian nuclear power reactors have recorded more than a year of continuous operation on fourteen occasions so far.

He said so far only 10 rectors in the world have accomplished uninterrupted for more than 500 days and of which India has 3 such reactors. the remaining 2 are from Canada and rest 5 are from USA, Dr Sinha added.

RAPS-5, an indigenously designed Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) of 220 MW is fuelled with natural Uranium and moderated and cooled by Heavy water. It was first synchronized to grid on 22 December 2009 and began its commercial operation on February 2010.The unit has generated about 8,663 Million Units of electricity till today to Northern grid since its commercial 4 operation, benefitting Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Uttrakhand.

RR Site is the harbinger of PHWRs in India. The site also has a special place in the history of Rawatbhata Site hosts 8 PHWRs, of which 2 units of 700-MW PHWRs are under construction, making RR site India`s first and largest nuclear park in terms of number of reactors hosted at a site. Indian nuclear power programme for being the home to the first and latest PHWRs. Of the 1,080 MW capacity in operation currently, about 50% of the power generated at the site is supplied to and consumed in Rajasthan itself.

Dr Sinha and KC Purohit addressed the employees of RR site. Later, addressing media persons, Dr Sinha elaborated the expansion plans for the upcoming unit 7 and 8 of RAPS which are under construction. They will produce700 MW power seperately. He said plans to produce radio isotopes from the literally defunct Unit 1 RAPP are under consideration. He said since India has emerged as a responsible atomic entity hence the out look of foreign suppliers has changed. Hence the uranium suppliers are extending their support unconditionally and power from our reactors will definitely increase in leaps and bounds. He said the decision regarding the use of Australian uranium supply will be taken in future. Sinha also informed that last year the Uranium Corporation of India has produced nearly 460 tonnes of uranium.


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