Thursday 19 May 2022
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Now medical relief operations in full swing in J&K

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Srinagar — The following medical relief activities have been taken up by the Ministry of Health & Welfare for the flood affected areas of Jammu & Kashmir:

The ministry is regularly monitoring the situation arising out of floods in the State. A control room has been set up in the Ministry (phone numbers: 23061469, 23063205 and 23061302).

A team of Special DGHS, additional secretary, joint secretary and additional DDG Director (EMR) went to to oversee the arrangements.

Two public health teams have been positioned on 8 September, one each in Jammu and Srinagar, for rapid health assessment and prevention and control of public health exigencies. A 10-member clinical team comprising physicians, paediatricians and gynaecologists have been positioned in since 10 September to provide medical relief to the affected population.

On the request of the State government, another 20-member clinical team comprising physicians, paediatricians and reproductive health specialists have been deployed in yesterday.

Two psycho-social teams for assessment of needs pertaining to that medical discipline are being deployed tomorrow from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru.

Chief secretary of the State, vide his fax message of 5 September, requested 23 medicines, of which 5 have been supplied in full on the 7th; 13 medicines have been supplied in part and remaining 5 drugs are being procured to be supplied on an urgent basis. Out of the remaining drugs to be supplied by the 13th, 5 more along with 9,98,500 chlorine tablets have been despatched from Delhi by Air force. Around 100 tonnes of medicines have been sent so far.

The Indian Red Cross Society has so far supplied 1,082 tents (each to house 8 people) from Delhi (750) and Arakkonam (332). In addition, they have sent 750 tarpaulins, 1,000 kitchen sets and 2,500 blankets. The society is also ready to supply additional 700 tents (each to house 8 people again) from Arakkonam store through the Air Force today. The IAF has been requested to airlift the tents from Arakkonam.

Two water purification plants, each having a capacity of purifying around 50,000 litres per day, and six small water purification units along with operators have been despatched today from Delhi by Air Force.


A DRDO team equipped with medicines & other medical aid and ready-to-eat packaged foods is already operating in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. The team has been actively involved in mission mode from September 09, 2014 to provide relief to the flood affected people in Srinagar. The doctors and other medical personnel in the team have been actively providing medical assistance to the local people. About 9 tonnes of ready-to-eat packaged foods appealing to the local tastes was prepared and packaged at Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) Mysore, a premier DRDO laboratory specializing in RTE food technologies for the armed forces, especially for remote areas. The food packets taken to Srinagar, with the support of Indian Air Force, have been distributed to affected people. Further quantities of food are being dispatched. The food includes hygienically packed, long shelf life RTE food that includes chapatis, vegetable pulav, tomato rice, lemon rice, jeera rice, Bengal gram, dal fry, khichdi, sooji halwa etc.

A Mobile Satellite Services terminal ‘SATCOM’ was airlifted to and a link between a CRPF location near Srinagar Airport and control room at New Delhi was made operational from September 10, 2014. To make the services available through mobile phones as well, a two-way direct-dialling facility using ground hub station set-up at DEAL, Dehradun was also made operational. The MSS ‘SATCOM’ terminal earlier developed by DRDO is being manufactured by BEL, Panchkula and is being used by the Indian Armed Forces.

Dr Avinash Chander, scientific advisor to the defence minister and secretary, department of defence R&D, expressing DRDOs commitment to extending all possible technology support in mitigating sufferings of flood effected people of J&K, said “DRDO technologies will always be available to the people of our country in the hour of need”.

Yesterday’s pictures of relief and rescue operations:

A long queue of rescued people from flood-ravaged areas boarding the IAF’s IL-76 transport aircraft.
Stranded tourists from flood affected areas are being evacuated to safer place by the armed forces.
More stranded people being evacuated to safer places by the armed forces.
Relief material being loaded in an IAF helicopter for distribution among the flood affected people.
Rescued persons from flood-ravaged Jammu & Kashmir being airlifted to a safer place in an IAF aircraft.


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