Wednesday 18 May 2022
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Now Google will tell you how many calories you’ve burnt


New Delhi — Google has added new algorithms to its Android fitness app that help you keep track of daily calories burned and how far you’ve walked, cycled or run without the need for a fitness band or other step-counting wearable.

A demonstration of how it works
A demonstration of how it works

Although it can be argued that Google Fit works better when coupled with an Android Wear smartwatch or third-party fitness tracker, those who don’t want to splash out extra can now get expanded  through the app itself. It uses a phone’s own motion sensors to estimate results. And while that won’t be as accurate as wearing a dedicated device, it could be enough for some.

To get regular updates on calories and distance, all you have to do (after updating the app) is enter your gender, height and weight as part of your profile. Then just carry your phone with you everywhere you go.

Google Fit will not only estimate calories burned during normal tasks but also during workouts. It also has a new way to scan through your fitness history, with activities grouped by days, weeks or months. That way you can see how they have impacted your health over time.

There is also a new Google Fit widget and an Android Wear watch face that has the Google Fit alongside the hands of the watch. That way you can always see how close you are to your set daily goal.

I/O 2015
Google I/O 2015 is just around the corner and developers all over the world are preparing for what the tech giant could be announcing. Schedule of events has been released already. Expectations have been set as well. The only thing left for us to do is wait for May 28 to happen and we’ll be overwhelmed with news of probably theAndroid M, more tie-ins with the enterprise zone, new wearables, and Voice Access.

The Google I/O web app has been very useful the past years and this year is no different. The Android app was recently updated and now you can customize your own schedule as you start planning how you’re going to experience I/0. The Android version allows calendar syncing with Google Calendar integration. Your personal events plus your I/O events can all be seen now in just one place. Also included in this year’s I/O 2015 app are overview of social conversations on Twitter and Google+, a video of past events, plus the agenda.

Customization on the app makes it easier for an attendee to access relevant content, browse venue map, or watch live streaming remotely. The app now also features some Google Now-like features. The Explore screen shows similar content in cards so finding events that might you is easier. This year’s I/O mobile app is also the first time Material Design is implemented so don’t be surprised if you see a more modern looking and less cluttered app.


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