Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Noida Shiva temple vandalised, murtis desecrated

Suspected Muslim miscreants barged into the Shiva temple Village Bahalolpur is in Sector 63, Noida, late in the night when the priests had left for the day

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Tension has gripped the Bahlolpur village of since the morning of 21 March when a bunch of Muslim suspects — according to locals — vandalised the Shiva temple in the area and broke all the murtis (consecrated idols) inside. Police found traces of blood next to the desecrated murtis. In the preliminary investigation, the blood has been established as human.

After villagers noticed the vandalism and informed the police, the cops reached the spot and tried to pacify the agitated villagers. A probe into the incident is on.

Village Bahalolpur is in Sector 63, Noida. Some anti-social elements entered the Shiva temple of this village late at night and broke the linga inside the shrine and other murtis inside at a time when the priests of the temple had gone home. One of the priests reached the temple in the morning and was shocked by the attack on his faith.

The news of vandalism spread like wildfire in the village. Protesting villagers wonder how traces of blood were found near the vandalised murtis. One of them, who suspects the vandals were Muslim, shot the following video.

DCP (Central Noida) Harish Chander said that the police had received information that the Shiva temple of the Bahlolpur village had been vandalised. The cops rushed to the spot immediately, he said, adding that a murti that was enclosed in walls was broken.

The police are speculating that the blood came from a bruised hand of whoever broke the wall that enclosed the murti.

Police are examining the CCTV footage to get a better clue about the miscreants.

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