No Country For Hindus

Persecuted in Pakistan, the Hindus of that country flee to India with the hope that the nation supposedly of their community would find means to accept and rehabilitate them, but the Vasundhara Raje government kicks them out callously


The apathy the Vasundhara Raje government betrays towards the plight of Hindus, besides no great economic measures to transform the State of Rajasthan, is appalling. The callous manner in which more than a thousand Pakistani Hindus were deported from India, back to the dangerous country that they had fled, flies in the face of the ’s claim that it is a “ nationalist” organisation (never mind the international connotation of “nationalism”). On the one hand, the philanthropists and social workers, who have been working for the rehabilitation of the refugees, got no cooperation from the State government. On the other, commoners complain of a total lack of redress of their daily woes in existing business and jobs as well as potential entrepreneurship and employment. However, predicting a doom for the BJP in Rajasthan does not address the urgent issue in hand: 500 Hindus will be forced to turn Muslims with the daybreak of 25 March in southern Sindh of Pakistan. Though the Rajasthan High Court intervened a bit too late to stay the deportation order when the train taking the hapless Hindus had crossed over to Pakistan already, one finds that the judiciary that is facing a lot of flak of late for being “anti-Hindu” still fared better than the self-styled flag-bearers of Hindutva who have been ruling the country for the past four years. This despite the fact that the demands and expectations of an average from the Narendra Modi government are mostly secular! Hardly any international body would have slammed the Government of India or that of a province therein if, in this case, the local government had offered the reason of human rights to allow the hapless Pakistanis to not return to their native towns and villages in Pakistan. With their girls threatened of abduction and rape, every year hundreds of Pakistani Hindus seek visas on the ground of some festivity to reach India with a hope against hope that the nation of their ancient civilisation wouldn’t kick them out mercilessly. It is disgusting if their plea is unable to move Raje. Modi cannot be held responsible for this indifference because more than 4,000 refugees of the type have been offered Indian citizenship already. Were they fortunate to not land in Raje’s territory?

If Raje is not or humane enough, is she not a political animal either? The country is constantly pushed back due to the influence in elections, as the Islamists demand nothing progressive for themselves either. Their wants revolve around Shari’ah laws in civil cases, Waqf laws to latch on to mediaeval properties and promotion of madrassahs and Urdu in education. The situation is aggravated by Bangladeshi infiltrators whom the ‘secular’ governments happily offer means to prove they are Indians. In a constituency where the percentage of voters increases substantially, development and modernity become impossible. Is it too challenging for the intellect of the Rajasthan chief minister to appreciate that the addition of voters would neutralise the damage to some extent? And what price does India need to pay these Pakistani Hindus? So far, they have demanded nothing more than mainstream education for their children and subsistence for the elders.

In the same context, leftists like West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee might question why Rohingyas cannot be accommodated, too. They cannot. Burmese Rohingyas and Pakistani Hindus are chalk and cheese. The Hindus, mostly daily-wage labourers in the agricultural fields of a feudal Pakistan, have no record in terrorism; the people unwanted in Myanmar do. Modi, known for his oratory skills can surely impress this difference upon his detractors. But before handling the adversaries, he must do something about Vasundhara Raje, as this chant grows louder in Rajasthan: “Modi tujh se bair nahin; Vasundhara teri khair nahin” (Modi, we have nothing against you, but we wouldn’t spare Vasundhara).

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