No madrassah in Assam any more


Guwahati: Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma declared through a tweet on 9 May that the board for madrassah education in the State would soon be disbanded.

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He had earlier taken exception to the fact that madrassahs in Assam observed a holiday on Fridays, which, according to him was like following in the footsteps of Pakistanis and Bangladeshi. He had even warned of administrative action against madrassahs that still dared to keep their centres closed on Fridays.

Sarma has stated further that Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University will look after the schools in the State. “We want to introduce modern learning like computers in these educational institutes. For doing this, we have to change the existing structure,” Sarma said in the Assam Assembly during a cut motion on Supplementary Demands for Grants for Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

The Madrasa Education Board in Assam dates back to 1934. It had 9 Islamic schools under it. After independence, it was renamed as the State Madrasa Education Board, Assam. At present, the board has over 700 madrassahs under it.

The education minister also said that the government would make examinations mandatory from Class V in all schools. “Earlier, there was no exams till Class VIII. Now we want to change it to Class IV. After that, there will be examinations,” Sarma said.

The current government of the State had taken office after the party won the Assembly election riding on the concern of Hindu voters that the State of Assam was getting adversely affected by Islamisation due to Muslim settlers, especially infiltrators from Bangladesh.

In March, the State government had sacked a madrassah teacher Maqsood Alam Dewan 6 years after a foreigners’ tribunal had declared him a Bangladeshi. He used to be an assistant teacher at the Telahi Islamia Senior Madrasa in Morigaon district.

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