Saturday 5 December 2020
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Nizamuddin Markaz head Saad still absconding while daughter’s wedding couldn’t be held

The head of the Nizamuddin Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat has told the police through his lawyer that he is self-quarantined; his daughter's wedding was slated for 5 April

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Crime Nizamuddin Markaz head Saad still absconding while daughter's wedding couldn't be held

The high chair of Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi, who created the crisis of coronavirus infection in the country by conducting the Tablighi Jamaat meeting at the Nizamuddin Markaz, is shaking. While the crime branch is tightening the legal grip on the leader of the tabligh (conversion to Islam) brigade, his rivals are vying for the throne as Maulana Saad has been hiding somewhere since 1 April, claiming through his lawyer that he has quarantined himself.

Delhi Police sources said at least two teams were in western Uttar Pradesh to locate Maulana Saad. The police have questioned his close relatives. The cops searched the residences of his relatives too.

Another team of the crime branch searching Maulana Saad in different mosques and other possible hideouts. Delhi Police failed to reach his mobile phones as they are switched off since an FIR was lodged against him.

In a recent audio clip, Maulana Saad was heard claiming that he was in self-isolation. A technical team of crime branch is tracking the IP address of the new audio that was uploaded last week.

Maulana Saad had fought fircely to occupy the ‘throne’

Drawn by the lucre — the markaz receives funds worth crores of rupees every month — maulanas from all over the country wish to try their luck to head the Tablighi Jamaat, the terror links to which were unearthed years ago by security expert, the late B Raman. Sources in the crime branch said, however, just like Maulana Saad, several maulanas had gone underground with the apprehension that the police are setting a trap. People in the community have told Sirf News that maulanas of a rival faction offered prayers at the mosque located inside the Nizamuddin Markaz today (5 April).

According to sources, when the previous head of the markaz died in 2000, there was a fierce battle, including incidents of violence, between two groups of maulanas to take over the leadership of the Tablighi Jamaat in India. Maulana Saad succeeded in winning that bloody battle.

Imminent arrest, grilling of Maulana Saad

Three days ago, the crime branch sent a notice to his three addresses in Delhi and to his farmhouses in Shamli and Kandhla in Uttar Pradesh. He is supposed to reply as soon as possible.

Questions to Maulana Muhammad Saad

In the notice, the crime branch asked the maulana 26 questions. They include a form where he needs to fill the complete address of the Nizamuddin Markaz, full details of its registration, name of the office-bearers, father’s name, mobile number, full information of members other than office bearers, all bank accounts, income tax deposited in three years, etc.

The questions that Maulana Saad, as well as the rest of the management of the markaz, have to answer pertain to the registration of the organisation, complete information of the employees associated with the organisation, including their home addresses and mobile numbers, complete information of the people associated with the management of the markaz, duration for which they have been associated with the markaz, etc.

The Tablighi Jamaat, which wantonly spread the Chinese virus in India, has been told if they seek permission from the police and other departments for any kind of event in the future, they must provide information about the event and audio or video recording of the event.

When Maulana Saad is arrested, all the information and the sources of funding for the markaz will be laid bare, the police hope.

Advocate’s claims

Shahid Ali, the advocate of Maulana Muhammad Saad, said on Saturday in response to the crime branch notice that most offices and departments were closed due to the lockdown. So it will take his client time to answer.

The advocate said that Maulana Saad had quarantined herself at this time. All the workers of the markaz, along with those associated with the Tablighi Markaz and Jamaat, are law-abiding citizens, Ali claimed, who were willing to help the police in every way possible.

Meanwhile, people are questioning how, like in the first half of March, four maulanas reached the markaz, now sealed, amid the tight security of paramilitary forces and police. While the government might have instructed Delhi Police to allow some maulanas, the police officers are neither confirming nor denying it.

Daughter’s marriage postponed

The marriage of the daughter of Nizamuddin Markaz head Maulana Saad has been postponed due to the changed circumstances. It was supposed to be held today (Sunday, 5 April) in Delhi. The main accused, Maulana Saad, has gone underground since the Tablighi Jamaat’s blatant and violation of the nationwide lockdown, which the government had imposed to break the chain of infection.

Maulana Saad’s wife hails from Saharanpur. They have a daughter and three sons. His daughter’s wedding was proposed to be held in Delhi today. Some people of Saharanpur had been invited to the nikāh. Obviously, none could turn up and the bride’s father is himself absconding.

Meanwhile, thousands of Tablighi Jamaat associates have been apprehended and quarantined in different centres across the country, where they are misbehaving with the medical staff, assaulting police and making strange demands.

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