Friday 27 May 2022
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Nitish blasts Pavan Varma: ‘Go join any party you like’

Not only Nitish Kumar but also JDU's state president VN Singh disapprove of Varma and Prashant Kishor's proclivity to speak out of turn

Bihar Chief Minister and president of Janata Dal-United (JDU) Nitish Kumar has given a strong reply to constant dissenter in the party Pavan Kumar Varma. Reacting to Varma’s letter on Thursday, Nitish Kumar said that the former could go and join any party, which he likes.

The first page of Pavan Varma’s letter to Nitish Kumar

The JDU president said that if anyone had an issue, he could discuss it in the party or party meetings, but such public statements were surprising. “He (Pavan Varma) can go and join any party he likes. I wish him all the best,” Kumar fumed.

Reacting to Nitish Kumar’s remarks, Varma said he welcomed the JDU head’s statement that there was a place for debate in the party. “At the moment, I am waiting for a reply to my letter and only after the answer arrives will I decide the way forward,” he said.

A day before this statement, the JDU had indicated to take action against its rebel politicians Varma and Prashant Kishore. In Patna, the state president of the party Vashishtha Narayan Singh had said that these two politicians were constantly making rhetoric against the party line. His rhetoric does not make any difference to the party.

Singh spoke to the party’s national president and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to talk to the two members of the party and take action. Singh said that it seemed that these two leaders have made their own way. That is why they are making rhetoric against the party line.

JDU politician Varma had openly criticised the statement made by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, which announced the implementation of NPR in Bihar from May to September. Pawan Sharma has also been voicing the party’s alliance with the BJP.

The JDU also has an electoral alliance with the BJP in the Delhi Assembly. She is contesting on two seats.

Besides Pavan Varma, national vice president of JDU Prashant Kishor has gone against the party line several times. Kishor first raised the issue regarding NRC. He managed to convince Nitish Kumar that NRC will not be applicable in Bihar. Kishor also jumped the to speak before his boss on how many seats the BJP should spare for the JDU in the Bihar election that will be held later this year.

Later, Kishor turned also against CAA and said that the amended citizenship law would not apply in Bihar. However, Nitish Kumar while clarifying the position of his party in the assembly said that he was ready to debate on any subject in the Vidhan Sabha.

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