Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Nithyananda in Trinidad & Tobago? MEA has no clue

Police asked the MEA to apply for his extradition after arresting and interrogating those who would know the whereabouts of the absconding guru

Controversial preacher Nithyananda, who has fled the country, is said to be in the Caribbean of Trinidad and Tobago. Gujarat Police has registered a case against him for taking hostage of minor boys and girls in his ashram.

Following the arrest and interrogation of two women employees from the ashram, Nithyananda has been confirmed to have left the country. The police have asked the Ministry of External Affairs and agencies to apply to the Caribbean for his extradition.

In Karnataka, an alleged has lodged a case of rape against Nithyananda.

However, Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said on Thursday that no official information had been received from the police or the home ministry so far about Nithyananda’s escape from India. The MEA is not aware of the he is in, the spokesman said.

The foreign ministry has to gather information about the exact location of Nithyananda and whether he has obtained the citizenship of the that is hosting him now. Only then can India be able to start the process of bringing back Nithyananda, Raveesh Kumar said.

The dark world of Nithyananda

Nithyananda is accused of abusing children and holding them hostage to raise funds to run his Yogini Sarva Gyanapeetha Ashrama. Janardan Sharma of Ahmedabad has filed an FIR against him alleging that his daughter was a hostage in the ashram. The police raided Nithyananda’s ashram on Wednesday and rescued two minors. Two women administrators of the ashram were arrested, too.

Many laptops, mobile phone devices and other belongings were seized from the ashram.

RV Asari, SP (Rural), Ahmedabad, confirmed that Nithyananda was not in the country. “Instead of wasting time searching for him, we will adopt a legal process to get him detained from abroad and bring him to India soon,” he said.

Two of the ‘accomplices’ of the dubious guru — Harini Chelappan aka Maa Nitya Pranapriya Nanda (30) and Riddhi Ravikaran aka Maa Nitya Priyatva Nanda (24) — have been sent to court on a five-day remand.

Two other people, including Delhi Public School Principal Hitesh Puri, have been arrested in connection with the hostage of children and misbehaving with them.

DSP KT Kamariya said that Calorex Education, a trust associated with the DPS, leased the land of the ashram to the school without informing the police.

Manager Bakul Thakkar has been arrested for giving houses to women from ashrams in Puri and Pushp City. The CBSE has sought an explanation from the school as to why they gave land to the ashram of Nityananda in Ahmedabad.

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2 years ago

Please collect the news completely as you do fearless journalism. Two sisters have been publishing videos on facebook. Tv9Gujarat is atleast attempting to show both sides story unlike many other paid media. I expect honest research from you. Swamy nithyananda is not involved in this case as he never lived in Gujarat ashram.

Surajit Dasgupta
Surajit Dasgupta(@surajit)
2 years ago

Rest assured, we are working on the other side as well. This is not the last story on Nithyananda on our site.


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