Thursday 3 December 2020
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Nisha Srivastava and Mohammed Danish do not a happy match make

After Nisha fell for Mohammed Danish and got married to him, the husband got into an extramarital affair and deserted both the wife and their little daughter to fend for themselves

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Crime Nisha Srivastava and Mohammed Danish do not a happy match make

In yet another case of love jihad or its aftermath in the country, Nisha Srivastava (25) hanged herself at her house in Sarvodaya Nagar, Indiranagar of Lucknow, upset with her Muslim husband’s infidelity. Hearing the cry of the woman, neighbours broke open the door of her house only to find her lifeless body in her room.

The police have recovered a suicide note from the room. Nisha had earlier attempted to kill her daughter before committing suicide. Possibly, it was too gory a crime for the mother to commit; so, she spared the daughter but did not refrain from ending her own life.

Police have initiated an investigation on the basis of Nisha’s suicide note, filing a case against her husband Mohammed Danish.

Sudha Srivastava, the mother of the deceased, said that her daughter Nisha had fallen for the charm of Mohammad Danish alias Sahil, a resident of the metropolis, three years ago. For the past one year, they were living in a rented house near Meena Market in Sarvodayanagar with their 2-year-old daughter Lalla.

According to Nisha’s family, Danish had been demanding money from Nisha for the past few months. He used to beat her up when Nisha refused.

Meanwhile, Danish got into an extramarital relationship with another woman. This disturbed Nisha naturally and quarrels in the household ensued. Fifteen days ago, Danish aka Sahil deserted his wife and daughter.

ACP Ghazipur Amit Kumar Rai said that around 4 PM, a neighbour Deepak Pandey, who heard the cry of Nisha’s daughter, rushed to help. According to Deepak, he tried to peek through the window but could not see anything inside.

The little girl kept sobbing even as Deepak’s attempts to break into the house failed. Fearing the untoward, he called other people around and broke the door and was stunned to see Nisha’s body hung from the ceiling fan with a dupatta while the child was still sobbing, on the bed. Deepak and others informed the police immediately about the incident.

The little girl was left starving

According to the police, the two-year-old daughter of Nisha was suffering from starvation. She calmed down after a woman in the neighbourhood fed her milk.

During the investigation, a suicide note was found from the room, in which Nisha described the squabbles with her husband. Nisha wrote she was leaving the world with her baby girl.

However, it is clear Nisha could not kill her daughter with her bare hands. She committed suicide, sparing her daughter.

Police informed Sudha Devi, the mother of Nisha, about the incident. She reached the spot with relatives and held Danish responsible for the death of her daughter. She made serious allegations against Danish.

The police have initiated an inquiry, based on Sudha Srivastava’s statement and the suicide note of Nisha, registering a case of abetment to suicide against Danish alias Sahil.

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