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Nirbhaya case convicts: Why 2 will take longer to die

Further, a source in the jail said while four rapists and killers of Nirbhaya are supposed to hang on one day, they have ordered 10 ropes

The culprits in the Nirbhaya case will soon be hanged. Two hours after each of them is executed, Tihar Jail administration doctors will confirm the death after examining the pulse. On the basis of the doctor’s certificate, the jail administration will inform the sentencing judge. According to one of these doctors, two of the four violators of Nirbhaya could struggle longer before breathing their last while the other two convicts will die soon after hanging.

Nirbhaya case convicts Akshay Thakur and Mukesh Singh are likely to keep flapping their feet for some time after hanging and they may take time to die because the weights of both are likely to go lower than 65 kg on the day of their execution. According to doctors, the lives of underweight people take minutes to be snuffed out after they are hanged.

A senior doctor of Tihar Jail shared this information about the moments before and after hanging on condition of anonymity. He says those who are to be hanged are the responsibility of the jail administration. “They are taken care of. On the day stipulated for their execution, the authority will wake them up at about 5 o’clock in the morning,” he said.

“Two hours after each one of them is hanged, his death will be confirmed after checking the pulse. The certificate will then be given to the prison administration,” the doctor said.

The doctor said that convicts who weigh more than 65 kg die easier deaths. “Medical science says so,” he said.

In jail parlance, the snapping of the neck by hanging is referred to as “gardan lambi hona“. When the executioner pulls the lever, the body hangs down in a 12-foot-deep well below and as the noose made of a thick rope tightens around the convict’s neck. Earlier, some wax is applied on the rope to facilitate the process. To hide the gruesome scene, the convict’s face is covered with a black bag.

Anyway, the doctor informed that the pulse of is checked after a 2 h interval to make sure that even if the prisoner weighed less than 65 kg, he would die by then.

Akshay weighs 52 kg while Mukesh weighs 67 kg, but the weights of both are continuously declining, which would make even Mukesh go below sub-65 kg level by the day of his execution. The other Nirbhaya case convicts on death row Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma weigh well over 65 kg each.

A source in the jail informed Sirf News that while four rapists and killers of Nirbhaya are supposed to hang on one day, they have ordered 10 ropes. Called “Manila Rope”, each one is made of 7,200 fine threads. Each can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg. Buxar Jail in Bihar is the main source of these ropes, each of which takes three days to make on order.

Sirf News had reported earlier that Tihar jail had found an executioner, Pawan Jallad, to hang the four Nirbhaya case convicts.

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