Nirav Modi, who could flee UK too, denied bail

Lawyers of the economic offender and fugitive had offered £ 500,000 for bail in the first hearing; they were ready to offer a higher some on Friday

Nirav Modi

1. Nirav Modi’s lawyer may propose a larger sum to secure his bail in today’s hearing

2. The Indian agencies have submitted more pieces of evidence of the fugitive’s fraud

3. The Crown Prosecution Service has argued, if Nirav is out on bail, he may attempt to flee the UK too

4. The prosecution accused Nirav of threatening witnesses too

5. Indian agencies said Nirav was not cooperating with them

6. The magistrate in the case had earlier ordered the extradition of Vijay Mallya

London: Fugitive diamond businessman Nirav Modi appeared for the second time at the Westminster Magistrate Court to appeal for bail on Friday. His appeal was strongly opposed by the lawyers representing India’s investigating agencies following which the alleged economic offender was denied bail.

The Crown Prosecution Service said that Modi was not cooperating with the Indian agencies in the investigation. It added he was threatening witnesses and, so, he should not be granted bail.

The lawyer said if Modi got bail, there was enough scope for his fleeing the UK too and run away to some other place he considered safe.

Earlier, Modi’s bail plea was rejected after the first hearing at District Magistrate Mary Malone’s court. Modi had been arrested by the Scotland Yard from a bank branch in central London. He had gone there to open a new account.

During the first hearing, the Crown Prosecution Service, representing the Indian authority, had said that Modi was wanted for the money-laundering and fraud of nearly $ 2 billion.

A team of CBI and extradition directorate is assisting the Crown Prosecution Service during the Friday hearing.

Modi’s lawyers had offered £ 500,000 for bail in the first hearing and agreed to adhere strictly to the conditions put forth by the court. Modi’s lawyers proposed a larger sum to secure the client’s bail in today’s hearing.

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Nirav Modi, tough luck!

Just before the court resumed, Indian agencies submitted additional evidence against Nirav Modi on Friday. The Crown Prosecution Service, on behalf of the Indian authorities, presented the relevant documents.

Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot remarked it was a big file with just a few papers. The judge had ordered the extradition of Vijay Mallya in December last year.

Indian agency officers showed thumbs up and shook the hands of one another after the judge refused Nirav Modi bail.