Friday 24 September 2021
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NIA: Sachin Vaze’s driver parked explosives-laden Scorpio outside Mukesh Ambani’s house

NIA believes that Mansukh Hiren came to the city police headquarters the same day and handed over the keys of the car to Sachin Vaze at his office

The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which has been probing the Mukesh Ambani bomb scare case, has revealed that arrested Mumbai cop Sachin Vaze’s personal driver drove the explosives-laden Scorpio and parked it outside ‘Antilia’ on 25 February.

The NIA investigations have also revealed that Sachin Vaze was driving the white coloured Innova that tailed Scorpio before the latter vehicle was parked outside Mukesh Ambani’s house. Scorpio’s movement since the it was ‘stolen’.

On 17 February, Mansukh Hiren had parked his Scorpio on Mulund-Airoli Road claiming it had developed a snag. NIA believes that Mansukh Hiren came to the city headquarters the same day and handed over the keys of the car to Sachin Vaze at his office.

On Sachin Vaze’s instruction, his personal driver went where Mansukh Hiren had the Scorpio car and later parked it at the arrested Mumbai cop’s residence in Saket society.

On 19 February, the driver took the vehicle to the headquarters and parked it there. The following day, Sachin Vaze’s driver drove it back to society and the car remained there till the night of 24 February when the driver drove it to South Mumbai and parked it outside ‘Antilia’ on 25 February.

Sources said Sachin Vaze was following the Scorpio car to avoid getting intercepted by the police. After the Scorpio at 10 PM, the driver got out of the car, sat in Innova that Vaze was driving and left.

The Innova car was seen entering Mumbai again with a different number plate and reached again at Ambani’s residence. Sachin Vaze came out from the Innova car wearing a kurta, walked to the Scorpio and placed the threat letter.

The NIA officials added that to destroy evidence, Vaze destroyed the two DVRs from one of the headquarters and one from the Saket society.

The NIA had arrested Mumbai officer Sachin Vaze on 13 March in connection with the recovery of the explosives-laden vehicle.

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