Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Netflix hurts Hindus again: Mai shows grieving mother forced to make tea at funeral home

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, MX Player and quite a few other OTT platforms have been notorious since their inception in depicting the indigenous belief system, behavioural pattern, social conduct, etc in poor light

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For about a week now, Hindu social media users have been posting their serious disapproval of a sequence in the recently released crime thriller on Netflix, the web series Mai, where a mother (Sheel Chaudhary essayed by Sakshi Tanwar) is shown compelled by the situation at her home during the funeral of her daughter (Supriya Chaudhary played by Wamiqa Gabbi) to make tea for the mourners. Hindus who objected on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms pointed out that, in Hindu practice, the grieving family keeps away from the agni (fire) of kitchen and, therefore, in real life, it would be unthinkable that people who have arrived upon receiving the sad news of somebody’s death would make the kin of the dead person go to the kitchen to make tea or anything else.

Netflix hurts Hindus again: Mai shows grieving mother forced to make tea at funeral home
The viral image

The image above went viral across mediums on 24 April.

Meanwhile, many Muslim social media users, communists and woke Hindus shared the image above too, adding a claim to the message that the condition of a woman in a Hindu household is terrible.

Among those who shared the image with sob messages is Pakistani social worker Asma Azam. She did not name the community the protagonist of the fiction hails from but chose to deliver a feminist message that this is how the “life of a lot of women” is.

Anti-Hindu Netflix

Entrepreneur from Chennai Krithika Sivaswamy protested.

Indha kuppai ku kaithattal vera” (Tamil) may be translated as “slow clap for this junk”

The above is not a one-off protest.

The protests were as loud on Facebook. Rohit Narayanan wrote, “This is exactly what happens when we follow the le(ft) liberals blindly and adopt their culture of showing needless independency…

“In original Hindu custom, when there is a death in the family, the kitchen is closed and the neighborhood ecosystem pitches in to support the grieving family. Even visitors pitch in by bringing specific type of food…

“But yes, if you believe that hindu rituals are regressive, break the joint family ecosystem, flaunt your nuclearism, you would end up like Mai…”

The Facebook user named some politicians he believes are woke Hindus. He also claimed Netflix subscription is falling in India. The claim turned out to be true (substantiation after the Facebook post below) albeit not for the reason that Hindus are outraged.

Netflix announced on 19 April that it had lost an exponential number of subscribers, partly because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. And now, after the streamer announced its plans to charge more money from people who engage in sharing their accounts outside their households, Netflix’s shares have plummeted to record-low numbers.

After a decade of incredible growth, Netflix has reached what is likely its lowest point. The company’s stock was already down more than 40% and now, the streaming platform’s shares have declined an additional 35%, which resulted in a $ 50 billion in market capitalization, the biggest loss for Netflix to date. On Wednesday, April 20, Netflix’s stock amounted to $ 226.19 per share. Earlier on in the year, the streamer lost $ 49 billion in market cap after Q4 subscriber adds did not do well and marked the slowing of its previous growth.

Mai: A Mother’s Rage — or just Mai — streaming on Netflix since 15 April, is an Atul Mongia creation, directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Anushka Sharma with her elder brother Karnesh Ssharma under the banner of Clean Slate Filmz.

The series stars Sakshi Tanwar, Wamiqa Gabbi, Prashant Narayanan, Raima Sen, Anant Vidhat Sharma and Vaibhav Raj Gupta in lead roles. It follows a story of a grieving mother who discovers the criminals behind her daughter’s tragic death and transforms from a meek woman to a merciless one to get to the bottom of the case.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, MX Player and quite a few other OTT platforms have been notorious since their inception in depicting the indigenous system, behavioural pattern, social conduct, etc in poor light.

It is not that the sequence that people have objected to above is a stray, jarring, anti-Hindu note in Mai. The crime thriller also shows negative characters are Hindus while every Muslim character is a virtuoso, several Twitter users mentioned.

Many others quoted Elon Musk — the richest man in the world who recently attempted a hostile takeover of Twitter — to say that the forced insertion of a queer message was not required in the story.

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