Monday 17 January 2022
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Nepal declares anti-India activities, burning Modi effigy as criminal

After the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal on Sunday warned activists not to burn effigies of political heads of neighbouring countries — it did not mention the name of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi — it said today that such acts hereafter would be deemed illegal in the Himalayan country. yesterday’s statement was a reaction to some protests in Kathmandu against the Indian government and Prime Minister Modi in the backdrop of recent diplomatic tension between Nepal and India.

In a statement, Nepal’s Home Ministry said that in the past few days, “the activities of chanting slogans, holding demonstrations and protest and burning effigies to tarnish the image of the neighbouring friendly nation’s Prime Minister has caught” its attention.

Then it was reported that it would be a crime in Nepal to protest against India or burn an effigy of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as per new guidelines of the Nepal Home Ministry.


“The Government of Nepal wishes to have a friendly relationship with all friendly nations and is determined not to let any activities that may harm the national interest. We request everyone not to carry out any action that may hurt the dignity and respect of the friendly nations,” the statement read.

Recently, Nepal and India got into two diplomatic rows twice. In an incident, a 33-year-old man, Jaya Singh Dhami, from District Darchula of western Nepal fell into the Mahakali while crossing the river using an improvised cable, locally known as tuin. A probe report prepared by the home ministry of Nepal said, “It appears that the incident happened in the presence of the Indian Sashastra Seema Bal,” recommending that Katmandu take diplomatic initiatives to bring the perpetrators to book.

Then, even before the issue of the death could subside in local politics, an Indian helicopter reportedly breached the Nepali territory and made a flight in the sky over District Darchula of western Nepal. The home ministry of Nepal has taken up the matter with the Himalayan country’s foreign ministry to complain about the incident before the Indian mission in Katmandu.

Some wings of the ruling and opposition parties held protests in Kathmandu against the Indian government and Indian Prime Minister Modi in the last few days.

The activists drew the attention of the home ministry of Nepal to the recent protest and agitation against India. The ministry statement reads, “Nepal government wants to maintain good relations with all its neighbours and is committed not to allow any activities against its neighbours.”

“We urged all not to indulge in any activity that will hamper the dignity and prestige of the neighbouring countries,” the home ministry said.

“We have been talking with the neighbouring countries to resolve these disputes through diplomatic means, the statement reads further, any dispute, discord or disagreement with neighbouring countries will be resolved through the talks in the future,” the ministry said.

“Action will be taken against those who will take law in their hand and target the neighbouring countries,” the statement added.

Previously, Nepal, under the KP Sharma Oli rule, had miffed India with its claims over territories along the border, especially of Uttarakhand, while the Modi government had ordered infrastructure development in the area for the Char Dham project.

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