On job reservations, every upper caste person feels, but for reservation, he would have been in IIT, and after that in IAS. Every lower caste person, in contrast, feels that at the first opportunity, BJP will scrap reservation, and that is why upper castes support it.

Stupid BJP leaders also dutifully give a statement against reservation after every few weeks. Every few weeks, BJP leaders also talk about changing the Constitution. Lower castes interpret it as the intention to abolish reservation.

Then, Prakash Javadekar proudly claims that he has not changed even a single line in history books.

Muslims are about 15% of India. Leftists get about 1% votes in Indian elections. BJP leaders are afraid of offending both, and so do not change the history books. Castes currently getting the benefit of reservations are 75% of the population.

So the BJP leaders who are mortally afraid of offending 16% population who never vote for them, make it a point to hurt and alarm and offend 75% population that benefits from the reservation. Such leaders are either rank stupid, or suicidal, or both.

China was poorer than us in 1950. It opened its economy in 1978, and its economy is now five times that of India in US dollar terms. But as per purchasing power parity, the Chinese economy is 2.5 times that of Indian economy. That means more jobs, more wages and higher living standard. Another economy, that of US, is open since the beginning and is 8 times that of us measured in the dollar terms.

Normalised against total population, our economy can be and should be 68 trillion dollars if we open our economy fully. But neither upper castes ever talk of a free market, nor do the reserved castes.

If Hindus can’t see this obvious fact, and instead of fighting for open economy fight each other for few hundred government jobs, are either rank stupid and too mediocre to survive, or suicidal, or both.