Sunday 26 September 2021
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Nehra names favourite Indian pacer, explains

The left-arm pacer Ashish Nehra brought in James Anderson into the discussion while comparing the two elite pacers

Ashish Nehra was left extremely impressed by India pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s performance during the series. In the first four Tests, Bumrah picked up 18 wickets and was the most successful Indian bowler. Nehra explained what makes Bumrah so special.

While reviewing the series on Sports, soon after the cancellation of the fifth Test became official, former India pacer Nehra commented that Bumrah “does not repeat his mistakes”.

“The most important thing for me is that Jasprit Bumrah does not repeat his mistakes. When you see the stats, in the first match he had probably taken five wickets, dismissed 7-8 batsmen in the Nottingham Test but after that, it is not that he has 30 wickets in the series. He did not get the wickets also in an odd Test but the way he bounced back and he knows very well when he needs to put in the effort,” said Nehra.

The left-arm pacer brought in James Anderson into the discussion while comparing the two elite pacers. He stated:

“Jimmy Anderson has a lot of experience. Bumrah is not the one who has played 100 Test matches already. But it is his strength that he learns quicker from others and he has the X-factor as well.”

Elaborating further on Bumrah’s strengths, Nehra opined that Bumrah removes the “pitch totally from the equation.”

“He took only two wickets but the way the game was going, when he bowled that spell, there was no chance for to come back in the game. There was talk about the pitch being batsmen-friendly which I would say was the case as well, but the way he bowled the yorker in Test matches, he removed the pitch totally from the equation.”

“You saw the yorkers for sure but in this spell, he used the bouncers very well. He plays with the batsmen’s minds, that is why you will be able to give such performances in Test cricket repeatedly.” concluded Nehra.

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