Tuesday 21 September 2021
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Neeraj recalls hassle due to Pakistani javelin thrower at Olympics

Neeraj won the gold with his 87.58 meter throw in the second attempt, and thus became the only second Indian athlete after Abhinav Bindra to clinch an Olympic top podium finish in individual events

How a section of the media misled the people while reporting the victory of ‘golden boy’ Neeraj Chopra at Tokyo 2020 is now evident. Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra had to take his first throw “hurriedly” in the finals of the Tokyo showpiece as Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem was “moving around” with the Indian star’s javelin. Defying this fact, some reporters tried to project the incident as a case showcasing Pakistan’s goodwill gesture!

Neeraj won the gold with his 87.58 m throw in the second attempt, and thus became the only second Indian athlete after Abhinav Bindra to clinch an Olympic top podium finish in individual events.

“The story is that I was searching for my at the start of the final. I was not able to find it. Suddenly I saw Arshad Nadeem was moving around with my javelin. Then I told him, ‘Bhai give this javelin to me, it is my javelin! I have to throw with it’. Then he gave it back to me,” Chopra told The Times of India in an interview.

“That’s why you must have seen I took my first throw hurriedly! Arshad Nadeem gave a really good performance in the qualifying round as well as the final. I think it is good for Pakistan, they have a chance to show more interest in the and do well at the international stage in the future,” he said.

Spinning the truth, this was what the woke media reported:

Fake news

But the Facebook user above is no journalist. He got the idea from the vague introduction to the story by The Times of India:

Hardly the right headline: Readers would have missed the real part of the story if not a social media user had underlined it

The 23-year-old Chopra has been on a busy schedule since his return from Tokyo. He fell ill while attending various felicitation functions.

“I had a fever. I used to be drenched in sweat while attending functions and then I used to get into air-conditioned cars. I wasn’t getting any rest and I wasn’t eating properly because of the busy routine,” Chopra said in the interview.

Winning an Olympic gold was a dream-come-true moment for him but Chopra has called for things to be systematic. He feels the sport needs continuous attention for things to change at the global level.

Chopra’s gold helped India amass its highest-ever tally at the Games. India won seven medals at the 2020 Tokyo 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze to go one better of their haul at the 2012 London Olympics.

Aisa nahin hona chahiye ki ab aa gaya to sab abhi kar do, aur phir ek mahiney baad sab shaant ho jao (It shouldn’t be as if we have to complete every celebration immediately because an Olympic gold has come, and then forget about it after a month). The sport needs continuous attention.

“These things need to change. It’s a nice thing that a has come but everything needs to be systematic,” he added.

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