Monday 25 October 2021
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Nearly 100 monuments identified as “must see”


New Delhi: The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is developing a web portal to enlist “must-see monuments and archaeological sites of India” under its protection. The purpose of creating the portal is to highlight outstanding monuments and sites in India, comprising world properties, sites under UNESCO’s Tentative List, ’s ticketed and other non-ticketed prominent monuments.

Nearly 100 monuments have been identified for this purpose. Sites have been selected on the basis of their exceptional art and architecture, planning and design, displaying exemplary engineering skills and being a unique testimony to the civilization in the past.

The portal carries a brief of every monument and information such as connectivity and access, weather conditions, timings of opening and closing, facilities available at the sites and 360° or panoramic view (in collaboration with Google). It also informs the site’s visitors of other tourism-worthy monuments in the vicinity. The portal is being with the hope that these will be visited by a large number of people from India and abroad, and will contribute to their visiting these outstanding sites. Information for the portal including photographs has been collected from various field offices. The portal work is in progress and it is expected to launch it within a month.

Information for the portal, including photographs, has been collected from various field offices. Work on the website is in progress and it is expected to launch it within a month.

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