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Wife of Nawazuddin alleges humiliation in front of Manoj Bajpayee

'A few celebrities like Manoj Bajpayee would visit my house. In their presence, Nawaz would humiliate me,' says the actor's estranged wife



Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the most famous actors in India, not only for his impeccable acting but also for having created an impression that he leads a simple life and comes from a humble background. However, it seems the year 2020 is not being kind to him; his marriage is on the verge of collapse. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya Siddiqui (née Anjana Kishore Pandey) has filed for divorce and made tons of shocking revelations in interviews with the media in the weeks gone by.

From accusing Nawazuddin’s brother Shams Siddiqui of beating her to his family torturing her mentally, the accusations are all serious, cognisable offences.

Anjana says Nawaz and she have been living separately for more than four years, and that Nawaz would make excuses when she asked him to visit their children. “I have not told anything to the kids though they are upset and they keep asking me ‘papa kahān hain’?’, ‘kahān shoot kar rahe hain’?’ I keep telling them he is shooting in New York (in the US) but then, for how many years should I do that?” she said. She had demanded full custody of the two children of the couple.

Anjana adds, “Despite his being at his office in Mumbai, he never comes visiting and when I tell him to visit the kids, he is like ‘I am busy; I have people to meet’. So I am forced to tell the kids that papa is busy with a shoot.”

Nawazuddin’s estranged wife served him divorce papers via email and WhatsApp earlier this month after a decade of marriage. She has also accused his family, especially brother Shams, of emotional and physical abuse. She said that she had been disrespected in the marriage and that her relations in-law had brought disrepute to her image. Shams has refused to comment on the matter.

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Anjana narrates an incident involving actor Manoj Bajpayee, “A few celebrities like Manoj Bajpayee used to visit my house. Even in their presence, Nawaz would humiliate me.” The actor’s estranged wife adds, “I was cooking for Nawaz and I tried to strike a conversation. He was like ‘tumko bāt karna nahin āta, tum logon ke sāmne bāt mat kiyā karo’. These were his words.”

Anjana-turned-Aaliya-turned-Anjana says there came a point after being regularly put down that she didn’t have the confidence to sustain conversations any more. She said, “Even when he was going to meet the press and if I were to reach there coincidentally, he would avoid me. I never got the respect that a wife deserves, never in front of others, never in person.”

“From a rickshaw-wālā to a superstar — everyone respects his wife. I have been suffering this for years. One shouldn’t be insulted so much that the person starts feeling suffocated. All the time you are being made to believe that you are nothing; you don’t know how to speak, to stand; you have no dressing sense… How long can a person take all that? There was a point when I had lost all my confidence. I wondered if I would be able to do anything. I would fumble during conversations,” the woman on the verge of divorce says.

Relating incidents of the kind, Anjana admits her husband has broken her confidence in all these years. Aaliya also reveals that the trauma that she faced was such that she would fumble during conversations with her friends and family.

According to Aaliya’s lawyer, Nawaz, who is in quarantine in his hometown of Budhana in Uttar Pradesh, is yet to respond to the notice for divorce.


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