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Nawab Malik furnishes more ‘proof’ of Sameer Wankhede’s identity

Nawab Malik shares documents that suggest Sameer Wankhede is a Muslim who married another Muslim via nikah involving a meher of Rs 33,000

After claiming that the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) Mumbai zonal director is a Muslim by birth and his real name is ‘Sameer Dawood Wankhede’, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik today posted ‘nikahnama’ of NCB official’s first marriage.

Stepping up his attack, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader claimed that the ‘Nikah’ between Sameer Dawood Wankhede and Sabana Qureshi was performed on 7 December 2006, at the Lokhand Wala complex in Mumbai’s Andheri (west).

Nawab Malik further alleged that the mehr amount (Islamic caution money to secure the bride’s future) was Rs 33,000 and shared a photo of with his first wife.

NCB leader Nawab Malik said that the issue he is exposing of Sameer Dawood Wankhede is not about his religion, but about the ‘fraudulent means’ by which he has obtained a caste certificate to get an IRS job and has ‘deprived a deserving Scheduled Caste person’ of his future.

The development comes a day after Nawab Malik had shared a letter he had received apparently from an NCB official that claimed that had violated rules and framed people in false cases to extort money.

Nawab Malik had shared the birth certificate of on Twitter saying “Sameer Dawood Wankhede`s fraud started from here.” 

Following this, Sameer Wankhede, who is probing bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s drugs case, said he will fight Nawab Malik legally.

had previously said that all the allegations are false and that he was being targeted and is ready for a probe into allegations against him.

Meanwhile, the anti-drugs agency has denied probing the anonymous letter received by Nawab Malik which he forwarded to NCB Director General SN Pradhan. NCB said that ‘no action’ will be taken as per the guidelines of the Central Vigilance Commission.


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