Navy Day: PM Narendra Modi lauds Indian Navy’s valour, dedication

On Monday, the Navy showcased an impressive show of skill amid a sea of colours at the Gateway of India in Mumbai

New Delhi: India is commemorating the 47th Navy Day on Tuesday. Like elsewhere in the world, Navy Day in India, too, is celebrated with much fanfare and gusto.

The significance of 4 December is unparalleled in independent India’s military history. It was on this day in 1971 that Indian Navy left its shores for the very first time to successfully attack Pakistan. Operation Trident, the codename for the naval attack on Karachi, is considered one of the most successful operations in the post-World War II era.

It all began when Pakistan launched pre-emptive airstrikes against India’s air bases on 3 December 1971. However, Pakistan failed to neutralise India’s air force, leading to India’s entry into the Bangladesh War.

The Indian Navy is the marine branch of the Indian Armed Forces and is led by the President of India as Commander-in-Chief. The Maratha Emperor, Chhatarpati Shivaji Bhosle is considered as ‘Father of the Indian Navy’.

On Navy Day, leaders paid tributes to the “guardians of the sea” with their heartfelt tweets.

President Ram Nath Kovind tweeted, “On Navy Day, my good wishes to all men and women of the Indian Navy. The nation is proud of your commitment to protecting our maritime frontiers, securing our trade routes, and providing assistance in times of humanitarian emergencies #PresidentKovind”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that “India is grateful to the Navy”. “Navy Day greetings to all valorous personnel of the Indian Navy and their families. India is grateful to our Navy for protecting the nation and the commendable role the Navy plays during disaster relief,” he wrote.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted, “I salute our Navy personnel for the impregnable spirit, devotion with which they serve & protect our Motherland.”

On Monday, the Navy showcased an impressive show of skill amid a sea of colours at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. A Navy helicopter hovered slowly over the monument, lit in the colours of the national flag, while soldiers in white uniform marched below in a rehearsal of the Beating of the Retreat ceremony. Hundreds of people turned up near the south Mumbai monument to see the rehearsal.

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