Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Navneet Kalra applies for anticipatory bail; lookout notice issued

Navneet Kalra Dayal had switched off his mobile phone as soon as the raids on his Delhi restaurants were conducted on 8 May, police said

Intensifying the manhunt for Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra Dayal in connection with the recovery of 524 oxygen concentrators from his restaurants in the national capital, the Delhi Police on 10 May issued a lookout circular against him. Meanwhile, fearing in the alleged oxygen concentrators’ hoarding case, Navneet Kalra has filed an anticipatory bail plea at a Saket court in Delhi.

Delhi Police on 7 May recovered 105 oxygen concentrators during raids at two upscale restaurants ― 96 from Khan Chacha and nine from Town Hall ― in Lutyen Delhi’s Khan Market. On 6 May, police had recovered 419 oxygen concentrators from a restaurant-cum-bar in south Delhi’s Lodhi Colony area.

Navneet Kalra Dayal is the owner of all three restaurants. He has been absconding since the raids and his mobile phone is switched off.

The police on 9 May conducted multiple raids in neighbouring states and his Chattarpur farmhouse to nab Navneet Kalra. It is suspected that Navneet Kalra has left Delhi along with his family.

Speaking with media, a security guard at his farmhouse said, “Ten or 12 teams of Delhi Police had arrived [at the farmhouse]. Saahab [Navneet Kalra Dayal] had left the farmhouse late night along with his family in his car, without the driver. Delhi Police went inside and searched the farmhouse as a part of the raid.”

Navneet Kalra Dayal had switched off his mobile phone as soon as the raids on his Delhi restaurants were conducted, officials said on 8 May.

On 8 May, police recovered an audio clip where Navneet Kalra Dayal, the owner of all three restaurants, is purportedly heard discussing the allotment of the oxygen concentrators. In the audio clip, Navneet Kalra Dayal is heard discussing the allotment of oxygen concentrators to “friends” in the Khan area.

A private company had imported the oxygen concentrators from China. Police have said the orders for oxygen concentrators were taken through an online portal as well as through WhatsApp groups. Reporters obtained screenshots of Navneet Kalra Dayal discussing the supply and demand of oxygen concentrators in one such group on 26 April.

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