Monday 25 October 2021
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NASA intern attacked by Hinduphobic crowd

Usual suspects, among others, pounced on the opportunity to pour scorn on NASA for choosing a girl who appeared proud and at home with Hindu polytheism


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the US created quite an excitement on social media recently after the organisation shared photographs of individuals who had received opportunities to pursue an internship and the space research agency.

According to OpIndia, NASA shared the photograph of Pratima Roy, an Indian American, along with others and it is her image that has caused the flutter. The photograph showed Roy with idols of Hindu goddesses on her table and the wall plastered with photographs of several deities from the pantheon.

Such overt expression of piety irked quite a few self-styled intellectuals who were not happy with the Roy’s religiosity. They questioned her ‘scientific temper’, never mind that NASA had found her competent enough to join as an intern.

Some even accused NASA of ‘destroying science’.

The more pompous ones questioned why Hindus needed to surround themselves with gods and goddesses. They even questioned why NASA had decided to choose that particular image. Ashok Swain appears to have deleted his quoted tweet since then.

Numerous other comments were posted about Roy that make the palpable Hinduphobia abundantly evident.

Amid denials by many of the existence of Hinduphobia in society, none lesser than former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard had spoken of her persecution on religious grounds.

Ashok Swain, among those who had the most problem with the Hindu faith of the NASA intern, is a notorious Hinduphobe who had claimed that ‘ supremacists’ were involved in the Capitol Hill riots with ‘White Supremacists’. The person he claimed was a ‘Hindu supremacist’ was actually a Christian. There is no evidence that the Chrisdtian man Swain ahad pointed a finger at was involved in any manner of at all.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), an institution that has given the country cause for a lot of pride in recent times, has a long tradition of chiefs offering prayers at temples before the launch of every significant space mission. K Sivan, the head of ISRO, is himself a devout Hindu, as are a great many of top Indian scientists.

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