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Narayan Sai, son of Asaram, gets life imprisonment for rape

Even the wife of the convict Janaki has horrible stories to tell about her husband Narayan Sai and father-in-law Asaram



Mumbai: Preacher Asaram’s son Narayan Sai has been sentenced to life imprisonment in a case of rape. Apart from lifetime imprisonment, a fine of Rs 1 lakh has also been imposed on Narayan Sai.

With the Surat Sessions Court pronouncing this verdict, the son walks in the footsteps of rapist father Asaram who has been serving his sentence for raping a minor disciple.
Narayan Sai’s counsel had turned desperate before the judgment. He questioned in the court the very Section of CrPC that deals with the crime of rape. The counsel had said that the section on rape had been amended many times; therefore, it was not clear which amendment should be followed.

The lawyer, while questioning Section 376 2C, had said it had been alleged that the victim was in the custody of the accused, which was not true; she was free to go anywhere. There is no evidence that the victim ever opposed what Narayan Sai was doing, the lawyer argued.

This was not a case of gang rape, the advocate said, adding that, therefore, the Nirbhaya verdict could not be applied to his client’s case. The lawyer had appealed to the court to lessen the punishment of the accused, citing examples of verdicts of some higher courts in cases of rape.

The prosecutor, on the other hand, had demanded life imprisonment for Narayan Sai in the court.

Narayan Sai was accused of raping a woman disciple on multiple occasions. Preacher Asaram faced two separate cases of rape too. He is in jail, serving the sentence for one of them. His son Narayan Sai followed his father into their dark world.

A woman had lodged the case of rape against Asaram and his son on 6 October 2013.
Narayan Sai’s crimes don’t end there. He had given a bribe of Rs 13 crore to the police chief to suppress this matter. The cop was arrested with Rs 5 crore worth of cash and property papers in his possession.

Narayan Sai’s wife Janaki accuses him of illegal relations too. Janaki had made serious allegations of harassment against her husband and father-in-law. She had said in her complaint lodged in the police station that she got married to Narayan Harpalani (Narayan Sai’s real name) was on 22 May 1997. But despite the bond of marriage, her husband established illicit relationships with many women. This caused her immense mental agony.
Janaki alleged that her husband had always pretended to be spiritual while committing gross crimes and establishing an illegitimate relationship with one of his woman disciples. When that woman became pregnant, Narayan Sai reportedly told her wife that he wanted to get married again.

Janaki alleged that when she told her husband he could divorce her and marry again, he went ahead and married the other woman in Rajasthan without divorcing her. The wife complained that the other woman bore an illegitimate child.

Janaki said, “When I objected to my husband’s illegal relationships with other women, he would shut me up and threaten me of dire consequences.”


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