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Namrita death: Pakistan Police buy claim of accused before inquiry ends

Not caring for the inquiry ordered by Pakistani PM Imran Khan to reach a conclusion, the police are echoing the claim of the Muslim classmate that the Hindu girl had encountered unrequited love, which pushed her into depression and led to her suicide

The Pakistan government has instituted a judicial inquiry into the death of a Hindu student of a dental college in Sindh province under suspicious circumstances. The university administration had expressed apprehension that the student might have committed suicide but her family members suspect murder. The Sindh High Court ordered a judicial inquiry into the case of Namrita Amarta Maher Chandani’s death on 25 September.

The case has been trending on social media and people are demanding justice for the student.

According to reports in Pakistani media, BDS student Namrita (referred to as Nimrita and Nimrata also) Chandani of BB Asifa Dental College of Shaheed Mohatrama Benazir Bhutto Medical University was found dead in her hostel room under suspicious circumstances on Monday. Namrita was a final-year student and social worker of the dental college. On 16 September, Namrita’s friends saw her body lying in her bed and a rope wrapped around her neck. A preliminary report suggested this was a case of suicide.

The family members of Namrita alleged that she was murdered. Her brother, Dr Vishal Sundar, claimed it was not suicide and that she was murdered. Vishal told the media that the scar on the neck of his sister suggested that she had not committed suicide. The scars on the neck seemed to be made of cable wires while the wounds on her arms clearly showed that someone was holding her tight. Vishal is a medical consultant at the Dow Medical College, Karachi.

According to the post-mortem report, no marks of torture have been found on the body. SSP Larkana, who is investigating the incident, had sealed her room for further investigation. It is suspected by some that Chandani might have been a victim of murder by fellow students. An investigation is looking into the leaked medical paper which Chandani opposed and raised her voice against.

Police have arrested two students Mehran Abro and Shaan Ali of Namrita’s college. Their cell phones and laptops are being examined. Police say that Abro and Namrata were in a relationship. According to police officials, Abro said that Namrita had proposed to him. He has claimed that he had turned her down.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had ordered a judicial inquiry into the murder of Chandani, which has not ended. But the police have bought the claim of the accused that Namrita wanted to marry classmate Mehran Abro but the parents of Abro refused, which pushed her into depression.

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