Noida, Uttar Pradesh: A controversy surrounding the polling exercise broke out in Noida of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday when these Namo food packets were served inside the booths.

The opposition has complained that this is a violation of the model code of conduct. The Election Commission has taken cognisance of the issue and sought a report from its officers in the area.

However, BJP karyakartas in Noida say this “Namo is not NaMo, the popular abbreviated form of “Narendra Modi”. “This is namaste wala Namo,” a BJP leader said.

Further, for a long time, two food shops in Noida — one in Sector 2 another in Sector 65 — with the name Namo has run in the constituency for years together without inviting the objection by any opposition party or the Election Commission.

The owner of one of the Namo shops said he was doing a legitimate business for years. He said the election cannot deprive him of his legal livelihood.

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