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‘Naga army’ not to disrupt State polls

Dimapur: The ‘Naga army’, an insurgent group in Nagaland, has said that it will not interfere in the ongoing election process in the State and will respect people’s wish in this regard.

Clarifying its 30 January call for “solution and not election”, the group issued a statement yesterday saying it was responding to the wishes of the people.

It said the wishes of the people are supreme and it will respect their decision.

“The directive was also meant solely for the officers and personnel of the Naga army as a mechanism to control and discipline for non-interference in any electioneering matter/process. The Naga army will never use force or coercion to boycott the election,” it said.

The elections to the 60-member Nagaland assembly will be held on 27 February for which civil society groups, some insurgent groups, and several political parties have given a boycott call.


कोरोना के कारण लाखों किराना दुकानदारों पर संकट

लॉकडाउन हटने के बाद भी छोटे किराना दुकानदारों के लिए राह आसान नहीं है। जानकारों का कहना है कि नकदी की किल्लतऔर ग्राहकों की कमी इनके लिए बड़ी चुनौती है

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