Wednesday 2 December 2020
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Nafees pressures wife Neha to eat beef, convert

Neha says in her FIR she learnt after their marriage that Nafees, who now refuses to fend for their child and her, had been married earlier

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Crime Nafees pressures wife Neha to eat beef, convert

Recently, a video went viral on social media where a woman, who describes herself as Neha Khan, can be heard saying that her husband tortures her. She says that she is Hindu and her husband is Muslim. She lives in Burari, Delhi. She got married two years ago to a man named Nafees Khan. After a month and a half of marriage, Nafees started harassing her.

Neha alleges that her husband keeps assaulting her all the time, does not give her food to eat and also tortures her for her religion, forcing her to eat beef.

Neha’s lawyer Karunesh Shukla, when contacted, said the police had registered an FIR under Sections 323 and 506 of the IPC in this case.

When Neha tried to get an FIR registered in this case, the police station in Burari refused, but after the lawyer’s intervention, they registered the FIR on 14 May.

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The FIR lodged at the Burari police station states that Neha Khan married Nafees Khan in March 2018. It was a love marriage. Nine months later, their daughter was born. Neha states in the FIR that she came to know after the marriage that her husband had been married earlier.

Neha says that after a few months of marriage, Nafees started picking fights with her. But she continued to bear with the sufferings to save her marriage. Further in the FIR, Neha claims that Nafees started torturing her even more after the birth of their daughter.

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Neha Khan says that Nafees Khan threatened to kill her. She claims that in April, Nafees threatened to kill her with a big gun. She says that even a week before the FIR was registered, Nafees threatened to kill her with a gun. At the same time, she alleges that Nafees does not pay her and her daughter full expenses.

Lawyer Shukla said that Neha Khan had since gone to her parents’ house. Shukla does not know where Nafees Khan is currently. The lawyer told us that the family of Neha’s husband was constantly threatening him. He said he was receiving threats also from Pakistan, with the callers taking recourse to profanity. “My life is in danger,” the lawyer said.

Shukla said, “Nafees had told Neha before marriage that she could continue her way of worship and that he had no objection to this. But after a few days of marriage, he forced her to eat cow meat. Nafees used to ask him to perform namāz and read the Qur’an and beat him up when she refused. “

In the video, Neha repeats many of the allegations above. She says that her husband’s brother is associated with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). She says that her husband threatens to throw her out of the house and also bury her alive.

In another video, she pleads for justice to take action against her husband. She says that Nafees beat her up when she refused to perform roza and namāz. Along with this, she also says that the first time she was pregnant, Nafees had her gender tested. When the doctors said that the boy was there, he did not say anything, but when the girl was born for the second time, he started harassing her more.

Neha says in the video that her husband said, “You are not yet a solid Muslim; eat beef, eat buffalo meat, then you will become a Muslim.” She says that her husband beat her a lot for this.

Nafees is allegedly incapable of running the household too. He reportedly refused to pay the electricity bill. Those who supply water to the locality have refused to supply water to the house of Neha and Nafees, Neha says.

Nafees has threatened her to withdraw the FIR according to the video. Neha says that Nafees threatens her also by saying he would stop fending for her and their child.

Lawyer Shukla said that the police had begun an inquiry into the case.

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