Saturday 28 May 2022
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MyTirthIndia making online puja, planning darshan user-friendly

MyTirthIndia addresses issues faced by pilgrims, offering many services at home while, most importantly, offering the user a hassle-free experience of puja and darshan

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International flights are resuming in the country from 27 March. As soon as the international flight recommences, the tourism will restart in the country. From the Ministry of Tourism to IRCTC, different departments will try to boost tourism in the country. There will likely be different types of packages. To increase religious tourism, at the same time, the government is working fast on connecting Char Dham with roads. But as spiritual tourism has experienced a paradigm shift in India, the physical journey to certain destinations remains strenuous even when not desired to be so (some kinds of labour bring divinity, of course). So, here comes MyTirthIndia, a site that makes Hindu pilgrimage as easy as you want it to be.

India being a subcontinent cannot be treated as a country by the tour and travel industry. A person from Assam may want to visit Shirdi in Maharashtra or a person from may want to visit Kamakhya Devi in Assam. So far, the pilgrim had had to think a lot: how he would go all the way, where he will stay etc, but it has all become quite easy. MyTirthIndia has made it easy.

MyTirthIndia addresses the issues above and more, providing pilgrimage services to the extent possible at home while also taking care of commuting, lodging and and, most importantly, a hassle-free experience of puja and darshan. To mere tourists, it offers sightseeing.

Indranil Dasgupta, the founder of MyTirthIndia, explains that from a very modest beginning with just an idea and two people, MyTirthIndia is now trying to touch base across the country.

Dasgupta said that Indian religious and spiritual tourism had crossed $ 50 billion. He said that entrepreneurs had made a foray into this field. Now even information technology is linked to what he calls “spiritual tourism”. Tourism and pilgrimage will never be the same again, he asserted.

“Not only pilgrimage but also live online worship, astrology and online prasad distribution, everything is available under one roof,” Dasgupta added.

Click/tap on this link for the tourist or pilgrim experience you are looking for.

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