Monday 30 November 2020
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Mustafa rapes Radhika with promise of marriage, kills her

Mustafa and his family killed the Dalit woman after she went to their house, demanding the fulfilment of the Muslim man's promise

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Crime Mustafa rapes Radhika with promise of marriage, kills her

Even when the nation was disturbed over a Tanishq Jewelry commercial that promoted love jihad, a Muslim man killed his 24-year-old girlfriend from a Scheduled Caste community on 18 October by stabbing her to death. The incident took place in the area that falls under Rainbazar police station limits in Hyderabad on 18 October.

Radhika’s father Raj Kumar hails from the Karangutti area of ​​Nagalgidda mandal in Narayankhed constituency of District Sangareddy came to the city a few years ago. They live in Dattatreyanagar in Asifnagar.

Radhika’s family recalls that she was studying LLB at Mahatma Gandhi Law College. She loved animals a lot and trained animals at Peoples for Animals in Gachibowli. She used to participate in various activities related to animals.

A few months ago, Radhika had met Syed Mohammad Mustafa, a resident of Madinanagar. Their friendship grew into love.

For all this while, they had had a physical relationship while Radhika ignored the consternation in her family over her affair with a Muslim man. The family says she insisted Mustafa was “different” and not like the horrible Muslim characters in their stories. She had nearly admitted before the women in the family to having a sexual relationship with Mustafa but she would say he had assured her of marriage.

However, for almost three weeks before the murder, Mustafa had been untraceable. He was not answering Radhika’s calls. That fateful day, she ran out of patience. She met Mustafa at his place in the Madinanagar neighbourhood and demanded that he fulfilled his promise to wed her.

There was an altercation between Radhika and Mustafa’s family members. Mustafa pacified Radhika and persuaded her to stay over at his house for the night.

Later, Mustafa, along with his brother Syed Jameel, stabbed Radhika to death.

The police sent the dead body to Osmania Hospital for postmortem. Mir Chowk ACP Anand, Rainbazar Inspector Anjaneyulu have registered a case of murder, incorporating the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocity) Act, and are investigating the case from all the possible angles.

The villagers of Karasugutti are expressinh their anguish over the incident before the media as crime beat reporters are swooping on the Hyderabad neighbourhood.

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