Friday 1 July 2022
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Muslims set police station on fire in Assam

Muslims of the locality near the Batadraba PS allege that their neighbour was brutally beaten to death because he refused to pay a bribe to the cops

A mob of Muslims has allegedly set a police station on fire in District Nagaon, Assam. Locals claimed that the police station was set on fire after a person allegedly died in police custody. While the media is not naming the culprits, locals posted videos on social media showing that the perpetrators of the arson were Muslims, including women from the community.

Muslims of the locality have also alleged that the victim was brutally beaten to death because he refused to pay a bribe to the cops.

The situation is quite volatile around the Batadraba police station where two police officers were injured in the alleged attack by the mob.

The Batadraba police station was allegedly vandalised by the infuriated Muslims.

Police had arrested last evening the man who eventually died in their custody while he was on his way to sell fish. Following his arrest, the local people claim the police officers demanded Rs 10,000 and a duck from him. The Muslim man reportedly contacted his wife and asked her to bring the duck and Rs 10,000 with her.

The wife arrived with only a duck and said that she was unable to arrange for the money. The woman alleged that cops present in the Batadraba police station started beating her husband brutally. She hastened to get the money but when she returned, she learnt that her husband had been taken to the Nagaon Civil Hospital.

The man’s was found in the morgue when she arrived at the hospital with other family members.
The man’s family, along with hundreds of Muslims, took his remains to the Batadraba police station to protest. A confrontation between the mob and the police halted the protest.

SP Leena Doley said that the police are investigating the matter and three people had been detained for their involvement in the alleged attack.

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