Thursday 9 December 2021
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Muslims in Kuwait bully Hindu man for comments on Facebook

The trigger for this incident was some alleged Facebook comments, which the Muslims seen in the video apparently considered anti-Islam

A video of a bunch of Muslims forcing a Hindu man to apologise for allegedly supporting Israel making ‘anti-Muslim’ comments on Facebook has been received from Kuwait. The goons can be seen self-identifying as “Indian Muslims” in the video.

Video over 7 MB compressed to 1.9 MB due to restrictions of this medium

The trigger for this incident was some alleged Facebook comments, which the Muslims seen in the video apparently considered anti-Islam. Although the identity of the man being bullied is not clear from the video, going by the comments made, he has a Hindu name.

While it was not caught on camera, the Hindu man’s torn clothes suggest he had been manhandled before the conversation was shot.

This is the second such incident of intimidation of a Hindu in Kuwait within a month. Towards the end of April, a group of Muslims physically assaulted a man named Praveen for praising India’s prime minister on social media.

The group of Muslims first makes the man apologise. They then make him tell on camera where he is from (Mumbai) and which country he is presently in (Kuwait). Then a man named Imran says he is a citizen of India and that they (the group of 8-10 men in a small room) are “proud to be Indian Muslims”.

One of the Muslims then claims that while India is struggling with the pandemic, “you (the Hindu man) are making comments like ‘puncture putra’ (son of a puncture-repair man), ‘Ahmed putra’ while the same Ahmed is cremating your elderly people back home whom your own people have refused to cremate. But you are living off the Arabs, off the Gulf and making provocative posts against Islam”.

The visibly shaken victim begs for forgiveness. Another man points a finger at him and hurls an expletive. A light hold on the scruff of his neck adds to the menacing environment. A lecture on the Islamic country that they live in follows where the accuser adds that the Hindu is not being made to cry “Allah o Akbar” and that they (Muslims) “never indulge in blaspheming Hindu gods”, as a favour.

“People here have given you food parcels and humanity is the first religion,” the accuser says. “The bodies of your people are rotting in drains, flowing in the Ganga back home, and here you are making ‘I stand with Israel’ posts? We have nothing to do with Israel and Palestine, but humanity is being murdered…at which point the video ends,” he says.

Recent cases of by Muslims

Vishnu Dev, a 28-year-old engineer from Kerala working in Saudi Arabia was betrayed by Indian Muslims and jailed for alleged blasphemy over a Twitter conversation where a Muslim woman from the provoked him by abusing Lord Shiva. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Mechanical engineer Akhilesh Pandey (33) from MP was sentenced to 15 years in jail and fined Rs 1 crore in the UAE last year for alleged blasphemy after a conspiracy hatched by 4 expatriate Muslims — two Indians, a Pakistani and a Sudanese.

This video appeared online recently and the Indian embassy’s twitter handle was tagged. However, no action was initiated against the culprits as yet. It is also not yet clear whether the Indian embassy staff were able to locate the victim and speak to him or to ensure his safety.


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The whole media fraternity, both MSM & SM, national & international, are doing this at a monumental scale (nothing of the sort you are quoting) against Gujarat & Gujarati for decades demonizing them to no end.. and now doing the same against UP & UPiites..

Mihir Sharma@mihirssharma

One of the useful things about Twitter is that it clearly reveals how much the BJP-leaning SM ecosystem despises Bengal and Bengalis
(and anything "intellectual")

It was blissful moment with my spiritual mentor & guide Hg Sundar Gopal Prabhu at Kusuma Sarovar, Govardhan.He is very kind&friend of everyone,Equipped with all Saintly qualities,leader of leaders, philosopher,coach,musician& http://M.Tech(Gold Medalist)from IIT DELHI

It is easy to demonize Hindutva ideology because we never really learn about it.

(instead we know too much about one family)

A deep dive by @sreemoytalukdar into the history of Hindutva.

Fantastic piece.

किसान आंदोलन स्थगित होगा मगर ख़त्म नहीं, लेकिन बॉडर से हटेंगे किसान अब सरकार द्वारा आश्वशन मिलने पर...।।


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