Friday 27 May 2022
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Muslims attack police again in Jahangirpuri of Delhi

On Hanuman Jayanti when the Muslims of Jahangirpuri targeted a Hindu procession, they ended up injuring at least eight police personnel and a resident

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Muslims of Jahangirpuri in Delhi, the spot where they had attacked a Hanuman Jayanti Shobhayatra, attacked the police team with bricks meant for construction at a local site. The police team was in the area to arrest a suspect today.

The man, identified as Sonu Chikna, was caught on camera firing a pistol during the violence. His brother Salim Chikna rioted too; police had arrested Salim yesterday. Their mother claimed they were innocent but admitted one of her sons had opened fire, adding that the bullet did not hurt anybody.

Police said the attacker’s family threw two stones or bricks, which hit a police officer. The team clarified that the situation was brought under control fast.

“A video was being circulated on social media, showing a man in a blue kurta opening fire during the riot in Jahangirpuri area on 16 April. The police team of the northwest district had gone to his house in CD Park. The family members pelted two stones at them. Legal action is being taken. One person has been detained. The situation is under control,” said a police spokesperson.

Delhi Police has arrested 21 Muslims so far for their alleged involvement in the violence two days ago.

DCP North West Usha Rangnani said that the 21st suspect arrested in Jahangirpuri today is a scrap dealer. He told police that he had supplied bottles used for pelting during the incident. “During the probe of the Jahangirpuri violence case, one more accused namely a 36-year-old Sheikh Hameed has been arrested. He is a scrap dealer. During interrogation, he disclosed that he had supplied bottles that were used for pelting during the incident,” the officer said.

On Hanuman Jayanti when the Muslims of Jahangirpuri targeted a Hindu procession, they ended up injuring at least eight police personnel and a resident of the neighbourhood. A sub-inspector was shot in his hand by a rioter identified as Aslam.

Sub-Inspector Medha Lal’s account

Recalling the turn of events, Medhalal (50), posted at the Jahangirpuri Police Station, said he was walking along with the ‘Shobha Yatra’ in the area on the ocassion of Hanuman Jayanti on Saturday. He said when the reached C-Block, some of those standing near a mosque got into an argument with the participants of the procession over alleged sloganeering by the latter.

“The argument soon turned violent with stones pelted from each sides. We tried to control the situation. The two sparring groups were separated and guarded by the police to ensure peace,” the injured officer told PTI. While those part of the were sent away towards G-Block, those standing near the mosque were asked to stay put at C-Block. But those standing at C-Block started pelting stones and came out with lathis in their hands, he said.

“One of them also targeted police personnel and opened fire on our side. A bullet hit me, but I was conscious and told myself there was no need to worry and that I would be safe. Later, I was admitted to Babu Jagjivan Ram hospital,” Medhalal added.

The police officer also said in his 29 years of career in the police, he had faced many challenges, but never sustained a bullet injury until now. Asked how he broke the news to his family, the sub-inspector said his family members initially thought he was joking, but the realisation hit them when they saw the development on television.

“I called up my family from the hospital to inform them about my injuries, but they did not trust me initially. It was only when they watched the news channels, they realised the gravity of the situation. They immediately made a video call and inquired about my health,” he said. Medhalal is currently recuperating at home.


In the First Information Report, police alleged that the rioters’ had used guns and swords and that they also pelted stones.

Some Muslims had a scuffle with Hindus participating in the at about 5:30 PM, a source in the police said. It later snowballed into clashes and stone-pelting.

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said the crime branch was conducting the investigation and that teams were at the spot to collect evidence.

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